Writing a good cover letter

Just few people master the science of writing a good cover letter. Most of the people do not bother with the cover letter at all. They simply copy a sample from the internet and paste it on their own job application. But this is not the strategy of the winning job seekers.

Writing a good cover letter is not a question of special abilities of skills. In fact, it is more the science than the art. If you understand some relations and general rules, you will be able to write a perfect cover letter on your own. We hope to help you with it in this article.


Writing a good cover letter key tips


Write a separate cover letter for each job application.

It is a good idea to adjust your cover letter to the position you are applying for. It should be job related. You should always mention the name of the position there. It presents you like a truly interested job seeker, who is not applying for hundreds of offers just like that. Actually it creates a kind of obligation in the mind of the employer. If he sees that you really put an effort to compose your application, he will more likely invite you for the interview, or at least send you the answer.


Write on the cover letter what the employer wants to see there

Writing a good cover letter is a question of understanding what the employer is looking for. Let me give you an example. If an employer is looking for a new marketing manager, he will likely be interested in creative person with good imagination and understanding for the needs of the consumer. So logically, you should mention these abilities on your cover letter. It is simple. Understand what the employer wants to read and then include it on your cover letter.

Write your cover letter honestly

It makes no sense to use complicated phrases and strange vocabulary in your cover letter. You should rather use simple language and avoid any general phrases. Phrases make your cover letter difficult to read. Also, the employers are very tired with phrases. They are looking for honest people. Present yourself as one when writing a good cover letter and you will get many job interview invitations. I promise you that.



It is really not that difficult to put together a good cover letter. Nearly everyone can manage to do so. Spend some time thinking about the job you are applying for. Understand what the employer expects from a good candidate. Present yourself as such a candidate on the cover letter, in an honest and clear way. That’s it! We wish you good luck!