Cover letter – What to include there?

Many job seekers struggle to understand a good structure for a covering letter. Obviously, you can write anything into it. However, the goal is to impress the employer with your letter, or at least catch the eye of this employer. In order to do so, you need to choose the right things to put on your cover letter.

Before we look at this parts, I want you to realize what is a goal of your cover letter. It is to get an invitation for the interview. You should always remember it, when deciding if to write or not to write something on your cover letter. Let’s have a look at the parts of a good cover letter.


Important cover letter sections in 21st century

Part 1: Name, position and title of the receiver. E.g.:

Dr. John Smith.
Marketing Department HR Manager
IBM Inc.

Do not forget to mention the title of the person you are addressing your cover letter to. Some people are very sensitive when it comes to their title. If you are not addressing this letter to a concrete person or company, it will be better to skip this part or replace the name and the position with a general formulation, just like “Hiring Manager”.


Greeting and the first sentence where you qualify your job application. E.g.:

Dear Dr. Smith,
I decided to apply for the job of marketing trainee, advertised on the website, on 11th November 2010.

There are many formulations you can use here. The key is simply to qualify what position you are applying for and what your intentions are. Companies typically hire for more than one position at the same time, that’s the reason why this first sentence is so important.


Second and possibly third sentence, which should catch the eye of the employer and make him interested in your job application. E.g.

With my endless creativity and rare ability to understand the needs of the customers, I believe that I am a perfect person for this job.

This is the most important sentence what goes into a cover letter. The second when the hiring manager looks at it typically decide about your future in this recruiting. If it is eye catchy enough, he would for sure read the rest of your cover letter and look at your resume also. However, if you make a mistake in this sentence, recruiter may easily move forward and read the next job application. This sentence should be unique and targeted for the job. Please, read the previous sentence once again. It is the most important sentence from this article. You really should do not underestimate it.


Two or three sentences, in that you speak further about your skills for the job. E.g.:

I am very responsible and love my job. From my previous experience, I influence positively all the colleagues around me and make them more motivated for the job. My studies are also relevant for this position. Please, see details on the attached resume.


Closing sentence, in which you ask employer to invite for the interview. E.g.:

I hope to get a chance a present my skills and abilities in the interview. Feel free to contact me anytime.

You can hardly make something wrong in this sentence. Just simply state what you want. If your cover letter is good enough, employer will agree with you and invite you for the face to face meeting.


Final greeting and your contact details. E.g.:

Arny Willans


You should not forget to include your phone number on the cover letter, as well as your email. Always write your full name, not just the first name.


So, this should not be a problem for you anymore. You should be ready now :). And if you are not, check other useful articles on ResumeSwan to find the answers to all your questions. We wish you good luck!