What to do to get a job of a waitress?

nice waitressWaitress is a specific employment. In fact, everyone can learn to do this job well. You do not need to have any special education and experience to have an ability to become a good waitress. However, there are things that matter for this job, and you should focus on it on your resume. We will speak about these things right now.


Smiley photo

Waitresses do not have to be supermodels. Some people wrongly believe it is a criteria. It is not. However, a good waitress should be smiley and nice, simply someone it is a pleasure to deal with. I am firm believer of a power of a picture on a resume. For waitress, it’s an absolutely crucial element. You should pick a good, smiley photo of your face. Photo that show that you are enthusiastic, smiley and cheerful person. Such a photo will nearly always catch the attention of the employer.


Brief introduction

Below your resume and contact details, you should write two or three sentences that convince the employer of your suitability for the job. To give you a good hint how to do it, I copied an introduction part from one very good waitress resume

  • Responsible person with a good understanding of customer needs
  • Like to work overtime, if there are customers in a place
  • Like my job of a waitress and everything that belongs to it
  • 6 months experience on the position


It’s simple, to the point and effective. Statistics show that employer decide in the first 8 seconds if he invites you for an interview/hires you or not. He may then read the rest of your resume, but the decision has already been taken. That’s why this picture and introduction is so important.


Working experience

As I already mentioned, working experience is not important for the employer hiring waitress in most of the cases. You can just briefly mention any related experience you have, in the following format:


2008 – Waitress at Club ABC


Employer really does not need to read a lot in this section. On the top of that, it makes no sense to mention here any non-related experience you have. If you mention any managing experience (or something similar), employer could have a feeling that you are overqualified for a job and choose somebody else. Please keep it in mind while composing your resume.


Education and languages

Another section that does not matter too much on your resume. All you have to do is to mention very briefly your highest education. If you learned some foreign languages (could be important for waitresses in certain localities), you can mention it in this section or create a separate section for language skills on your resume.


Personal characteristics

Many applicants for all kind of jobs forget on this section. However, it can help you a lot if you do things right. Good waitress should definitely be patient, responsible, have good physical condition, enjoy her job, enjoy the company of other women and men and have some other characteristics. I suggest you to mention any of these on your resume (ideally characteristics that you really have). Feel free to inspire yourself with the following sample.


Personal characteristics

– reliable, sociable, enthusiastic, patient


Personal references

Some employers, in the States especially, are keen on checking references. It is not true all the time, but it is better to count with an option that your potential employer is keen on doing it. That’s why I recommend you to write at least one personal reference on your resume, ideally one from a boss that supervised you on a waitress position before.

That is all. Your waitress resume should not be long. One page is perfect. Focus on the important things as described in this article and I am sure you will do well in an interview. Good luck!

PS: If you apply for a job in a specific company, such as STARBUCKS, you should check interview process they apply. This link should help you to understand better how it works at this coffee retailer.