Accountants typically struggle with cover letters…

Accountants do not need to be creative. They do not need to have great communication skills. And lastly, they also do not have to be good looking. But they need to know their job pretty good and work on their accounting knowledge every day. The tax legislation is changing and evolving constantly.

Exactly this should be reflected on your cover letter, if you decide to apply for the job in the field of accounting. We prepared for you two samples in order to show you how to do that. First one was composed by a fresh graduate who studied accounting and applied for her very first job.

Second one was sent to us by an older women, who spent more than fifteen years working as the corporate accountant. Both of these cover letters are good. You should be able to find an inspiration in there and compose your own, unique and thrilling cover letter.


Two examples directly from the job applicants for accounting jobs


Dear Mr. Jones,
I found out that you are looking for a corporate accountant, as advertised on, on 12th December.
I read the job description very carefully and believe that I could be the right person for this job.

Being a fresh accounting graduate, I spent last six months reading all the new legislative and keeping my knowledge up to date. While I am not the best accountant on the world, I have an ability to find everything online and in the tax law and can solve any accounting problem.

What more, during my studies I started good relations with some of my teachers who are the top notch accountants in our state. These people are always willing to give me a helping hand and advice me in difficult situations I can face in my job.

I am really motivated to work hard and put my knowledge into practice. I hope that I will get a chance to prove my abilities in the face to face interview with you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration

Best Regards
Anastasia Miskov


Anastasia focused on her strengths, that are relevant for the job. She was humble, but on the other hand demonstrated clearly that she has everything needed to do this job. You should inspire yourself with her cover letter, especially if you do not have any practical experience with accounting. Now let’s have a look at cover letter of our second applicant.


Dear Ms. Taimon,
I was glad to see that your respected company is looking for a new accountant.
Company with such a long history and international business relations need an accountant with endless knowledge and creative point of view. And that is exactly me.
I have been working as an accountant for the last fifteen years. You can hardly find a case I have not booked yet and problem I have not solved. I know what it takes to take the right decisions for the company and keep the taxes low.

I am extremely responsible and maintain the highest level of confidentiality when it comes to my work. I really believe that with all my skills and knowledge, I can be the right person for this job.

If you think that I deserve a chance to present my skills in the interview, I will be glad to come on your convenience.

Ulinde Buren
Phone Number:2938838728


Second applicant used other weapons. She emphasized her strong experience and abilities like responsibility and confidentiality, that are very important for big companies.

We really hope that you found in our accounting cover letter examples what you were looking for. And if not, do not hesitate to check out accounting resume objective or other useful articles on ResumeSwan. If you make it one step further, you can check, where you will find perfect answers to the most common interview questions for accounting jobs.