Start driving a truck with a good resume!

Truck driver is a well paid job for people with little education or experience. That is the reason why many applicants submit the application for every single job opening for this role. An exceptional resume will help you to overcome these hurdles and get a job.

When companies look for new truck drivers, they are looking for:

  • People that do not have problems to be alone for a long time
  • Individuals that are willing to be away from home for a long time
  • Have valid class A CDL in a state of residence
  • Are responsible enough
  • Ideally have real experience with truck driving
  • Own hazmat endorsement

If you do not fulfill any of the above mentioned, it will be hard to get a job of a truck driver. This position, as well as resume writing is pretty straight forward. If you have the skills and qualifications, you will get an opportunity. But if you do not have it, it will be very difficult. Let’s have a look at sections of it.


What goes into a truck driver resume?


1. Resume objective

Your resume should start with an objective. It is important to show the employer straight away that you like a job of  a truck driver and do not apply for it just because there are no other options available for you. Such a good resume objective for truck driver should look like the following one:


I want to do every day what I love to do – drive a truck, take care of a cargo and enjoy it. Ideally, it should be a job in an international company with good operating centers and career growth program.


Such an objective gives an employer a clear idea that you know what you are talking about and really look for a job of a truck driver.


2. Needed qualifications

You know it. Truck drivers simply must have Hazmat endorsement and A CDL nowadays. So it is good to let the employer know right in the beginning that you have these skills. If you have any relevant education to the job, or speak foreign languages, you can also include in in this section.


3. Working experience

Not all the companies prefer experienced drivers. This is because they need to pay them more, plus a fresher is sometimes easier to be trained and worked with. In case you have no experience, we recommend you to simply mention on your application or cover letter that you have passion for truck driving and willingness to learn. This is the magic formulation the employers like to see.


4. Personal characteristics

If we look at it realistically, truck drivers typically have similar backgrounds and experiences. However, you can differentiate yourself from the others with your abilities and skills. A good truck driver should be:

  • Very responsible
  • Accountable for his job
  • Able to take orders but also decide independently
  • Have good customer service skills
  • Have a steady nature, do not struggle to spend time on his own
  • Dedication
  • Ability to maintain high level of concentration for a long time
  • Love to his job


If you posses any of the above mentioned skills, you should without a doubt put it on your truck driver resume. Employer will be more than pleased to see it there.

So that’s it. These were the four most important parts you need to keep in mind. You should be able to a simple, one page long resume format for it.

If you still do not know how to make a resume, inspire yourself with the following sample.

Sample truck driver resume