An average resume will not win you any interview invitation

In the era when for practically every job opening there are at least hundred applicants, it is crucial to compose an exceptional resume. Good resume is not enough nowadays. Job seekers of 21st century are much better prepared as ever before. They even pay other people to write a good resume for them. So, you need to learn how to compose the perfect one!

At the beginning, please do not get misunderstood. Perfect resume does not mean a resume where you make up some things about your experience or education or skills, to look like a perfect candidate for a job. To make it right means to present your real skills and experience in a best way possible, most appealing, eye catching and interesting for the employer.


Different parts on your resume

Looks like a perfect resume in your handsContact Information

You should not waste too much time with the contact information in your resume. It’s not what decides if they choose you or not. Include address, one phone number and email, that’s it. And if you can, try to not fill too large space with your contact information. There are more important parts of the resume that should be visible.



The perfect resume should impress in first 8 seconds you look at it


Statistics have proved that a recruiter decides in average in 8 seconds subconsciously if you will get the invitation for an interview or not. So you have just the little time to make a recruiter interested. That’s why it is crucial to include the special part on it, particularly the following sections:


The strong introduction

In the strong introduction you should write in few quick bullets who you are and what makes you unique as an applicant for the job. Simply, you should motivate the recruiter to invite you for the interview with this part of resume, or at least – to make him read further. There is a separate article with examples of such a strong introductions, so you can inspire yourself with it.  Then, include the other parts presented below.


Career Objectives and Goals

There is a very simple rule to remember when writing your career objective: Always write that your short term objective is to have a role you are just applying for. So for example, if you are sending your job application for a position of business analyst, write that your short term objective is to become a business analyst in a good company. So simple it is.  You can mention pretty much anything as a long term objective.


Work Experience and History

Now it is time to tell the employer not only what you have done so far, but also what you have achieved there. Details can be presented in the form of job titles, responsibilities, and skills.  Most importantly, do not forget to mention all your achievements and accomplishments from previous occupations, that is what employers are looking for.


Academic Qualifications

It is also important for you to provide details about your academic qualifications starting from the most recent and progressing to earlier qualifications.

In this section of perfect resume, you should include  college/university attended, the certificate awarded and the dates, and the name or title of the degree. In addition, you can also tell the employer some details about accomplishments such as academic awards, and honors, you have achieved while studying.

We do not advise you to include details of elementary and intermediate education levels such as high school. No-one cares about that, and these just makes your resume longer… what is for sure not positive.


Special Skills and Competencies

If you have any other personal qualifications and competencies that you think the employer might be interested in, include it on a resume. Your competences in areas of foreign languages, computers and soft skills – which are very important nowadays.

Do not forget to mention also your character abilities, if you have not done it in the introduction part.


It should include few personal references

Personal References on resume

This is the last section of the resume and here you should provide the details of at least 3-5 references who know you in person, are aware of your professionals accomplishments and your skills.  You should first consult these people before including their names in the reference section of your resume, just to be sure they know what to say about you.

Personal References is the last section of your resume, but in fact- it can often decide about your success and failure. One positive to the point reference can persuade employer to invite you for the face to face interview. Please, do not underestimate this section…


Prepare your perfect resume, do not forget to include any part and always remember – connect your dreams, accomplishments and skills with the position you are just applying for. The employer must see the added value of employing you from a first moment. We wish you good luck in your job search!

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