Say thank you to the employer after the interview

It’s a good idea to send the potential employer a short note after the interview. Not only you will do something that just one of ten job seekers in average do (you will be original), but also it will show the employer that this interview really matters a lot for you and that you want this job even after it.

Even if most of the people do not send any form of thank you notice, it does not mean it is a bad idea to compose and send it. In fact, the survey conducted in the US at a sample of 50 middle sized companies proved that candidates who send a thank you note are hired twice as often as those who don’t. I know it can be only a coincidence, but at least it’s a number you should think about…


One of the tools you can use to get hired

Someone is writing a note on a paperI believe that you should use all the tools you can to get hired. Even if a thank you note improves your chances just slightly, you still should send it. One thing is for sure-  you can not mess up anything while doing it. Sending it can only improve your chances of being hired – think about it…


When to send it?

A good question is when to send such a note. The unwritten rule is simple – send it earlier than the final decision is taken. Otherwise, it would not change anything for you. I advice you to send the thank you note after interview as soon as your interview is finished and you are back home, sitting at the computer. This way you can be sure you done your best to ensure the employer reads it before making a final decision.


Some additional suggestions

The first rule to keep in mind is to make it short and straight to the point. It is also important to make reference to some of the things that you discussed during the interview. Purely from the structural point of view, you should include the thank you phrase, and if possible provide some concrete details about the interview, for example those details you were satisfied with. It will show the interviewer that you appreciate his work,  and this will help you to strengthen your relationship even more.

Someone wrote a note by handOne you thanked the interviewer, it is time to show your enthusiasm and your conviction why you are the right candidate for this job. It is good to show in your thank you note that you are still interested and want the job, or as you can mention – will be interested in any other motivational position in the company where such a great interviewers work :).

Finally, you should not forget to include your contact details, especially mobile phone number. You want the employer to call you again, don’t you? That’s the best way to tell you that you have been hired.

We hope that this information will help you to compose a good note and send it to the employer. Best of luck in your interview!