How to impress an employer being a student? With an exceptional resume you can do it!

So you are a student, or a fresh graduate, and want to apply for a job. But what should you write on your resume, if there is no work experience and real achievement behind you?

To write a good resume is an extremely difficult task. If you are a student, and you tried to make a grade with your resume, you know what I am talking about… But there are definitely some tips you should listen to.
First of all, do not pretend to be someone you are not. You are a student and the employer should know it from the very beginning of reading your resume. Employers are not interested in employing a student that pretends to be someone very experienced. They are either willing to employ purely more experienced people, or they are willing to give a chance to students also.


Secondly, focus on your advantages for an employer, not on your disadvantages as a student.

Student does not know how to write a student resumeAs a student, you have many advantages for employers. You are younger, so you are a fast learner. You have strong motivation to work, don’t you? And lastly but not at last place, you are probably willing to work for a slightly lower salary, in order to gain some experience you will need so badly in your later career. In tough economic times we are experiencing now and will be experiencing for quite a few more years, this also counts.

Start your resume with such an introduction of yourself stating the facts, so the employer will start to realize from the very beginning of reading it how beneficially for him it can be to employ you.

In countless countries, employing a student has plenty of benefits. For example, the employer does not have to pay social securities for you, the health insurance etc., because the country takes care of these while you are still studying. Why not to mention this also on your student resume? It can motivate your potential employer to give you a chance to prove your abilities in the interview.


Stress what you have learned

When writing about your working experience, it’s quite irrelevant what you write there, from the point of view of where have you worked.

Frankly, the work in the summer camp or clothes shop or doing a job of a life-guard during summer holiday is not impressive at all on the resume. In this section, more important is to write what you have learned during this experience. Let me show you an example you can use when composing a form of student resume:


1.7.2008-31-8.2008 – Seller in a clothes shop (Name of the shop), Address of a shop…
While working as a seller in a clothes shop, I learned to take the responsibility for the results of my work, and improved my communication skills significantly. I learned to understand needs of other people and to help them to fulfill their needs.

Feel free to call the owner of the shop to get more information about my results. The contact details are in the references section of the resume.


Describing your experience this way, it does not seem like just a summer job anymore in the eyes of employers. Think about it, and do it the right way in your resume.


Show the employer that you try to do your best every day

After the experience, you can write something about your education, courses, seminars you took part in, etc. Again, it is not important at all what seminars and courses you will write about. Most of these will be irrelevant anyway, doesn’t matter how many you mention.

But it is important to show that you are an active person, and try your best to enhance your knowledge and be so as conductive to your future employer as you only can be as a student.


So, that we have the introduction, the experience and the education section of your student resume. After that, it’s time to finish it in style. And that’s done using one or two personal references. Believe me, just few students include references on their resume. So it’s a chance for you… To learn more about right references on resume or how to make a resume in general, check the other pages of  We wish you best of luck in your job search!