How to get this store manager position?

Store manager is a great job without a doubt. You can use your creativity and vision to manage the store in a best way possible, please the owners as well as the customers and reach better profit every year. If this role is not satisfying, then I do not know which one is. However, there are about several hundreds of obstacles on your way to this role. According to statistics, several hundreds of people submit application for every single presented position of store manager.

It is not an easy competition. You will need to compose an outstanding resume, in order to have any chance of being selected for the interviews. Ideally, you should present them your vision already on the resume and cover letter, to stand from the crowd and being seen as an exceptional candidate for this job. The job description can help you in many ways.


What one can learn from a good job description

  • You can find there duties that a chosen candidate will do, and so you can mention that you did similar things in the past.
  • You can estimate (or even see directly) the relevant skills from the job description, so you shall focus on it in your personality profile on resume.
  • You can understand something from the company culture and so can present yourself as someone who may potentially fit this culture.


It is funny that most of the job seekers just apply for one position after another. However, the clever one understands that all you need to know to compose an exceptional resume for shop manager (or resume for any other position) is hidden on the job descriptions and websites of the company.

If you are not capable to locate it on your own, our little piece of advice to some parts of this resume would be helpful.


Samples and tips for store manager resume sections

1. Personal information and picture

Shop manager would often represent the shop on the meetings with both suppliers and clients. That’s why you can earn some plus points in the eyes of the recruiters by placing a nice, professional picture of your smiley face on the resume. They always prefer someone representative and good looking. But please, do not understand me wrongly. You do not need to be a super model to get this job. All you need to do is to look professional, charming, positive and maybe a little charismatic.


2. Resume objective

This objective on resume can often create all the difference between success and failure for job seekers. We recommend you to pay special attention to this part of your resume. You should simply mention that your goal is to become a store manager and do a good job of it. Let me show you how to do it:


My objective is to become an exceptional store manager, helps the store to prosper and satisfy bigger number of customers every month.


Such an objective is a pleasure to read for every HR employee or store owner. Do you know why it is so? It is so because you speak about their goals, not about your goals…


3. Working experience

It is good to mention only a relevant experience at this point. However, any experience in management, customer care, or even shop assistant is relevant. If you want to use the full potential of this resume section, we recommend you to couple your experiences with achievements and knowledge you gained. Let me show you an example:


Position: Shop assistant
Key duties: Serving customers, customer care, back-office duties
Knowledge gained: I gained exceptional customer service skills and learned how the shop functions in general.


4. Education and courses

Good applicant for this sort of managerial position should have at least high school diploma, but ideally also the University diploma. However, we recommend you to mention also any courses in management, but also accounting, pay-rolling, etc. you took part in. Store manager needs to be a complete person and know a little from everything connected to business and management. That’s why it is great if you can include variety of courses in your education section.


5. Personal characteristics

Right personality is often more important than the actual education or experience. If you have the right predispositions for the job, and posses the right skills, you can easily be coached to manage the store perfectly. Owners of stores are aware of this fact. They put much value on this section. You should really include here at least 4 or 5 relevant skills for this job. How to find out what skills are relevant? You should be able to understand it from the job description. But in general, the following skills may play a role for store manager.

  • responsibility
  • attention to detail
  • project management and process management skills
  • diplomatic behavior
  • good communication skills
  • positive attitude to the brand
  • creativity
  • willingness to learn new things
  • etc.


6. Other sections on your resume

You can also include section dedicated to foreign language skills, PC skills as well as personal references on resume. However, if you do not have what to write there, we do not recommend to use these sections. They are not so important for store manager job applicant.


7. What’s Next?

After getting an invitation, you should get ready for an interview. However, this is even more difficult part of preparation. If you apply for a job at Starbucks, this link: should help you. I hope you will make it and will start your dream career of store manager very soon.