Do you have any special skills or abilities? Mention it on your resume!

When writing our resume, we all try to attract the employer somehow. We try to include there something special, to be different than our competition. In fact, there are just few parts of the resume where we can work with our imagination and make something different. One of these parts are definitely the special skills.

Even the nameĀ  indicates that it goes about something special. It represents something just we can do. It is exactly where we can create this difference between us and the rest of the field of people applying for the job. It is a part of the resume we can make the employer interested with and win the coveted job interview invitation.


What are these skills?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that the skills you include here will be either extraordinary, or highly relevant for the job. If you are applying for a job in a software company and can work with a piece of software (doesn’t matter if well known or not) that is relevant and an help the company, you should for sure include it as your special skills. On the other hand, it would not matter too much if you apply for a position of sales representative. In that case, other skills like emotional intelligence, or ability to sell to different personalities can be highly relevant.

Sometimes you can include within your abilities also something that is not relevant for the job, but is extraordinary and may catch an eye of the recruiter. If you are for example very good in running and have completed 20 marathons in your life already, it will never be really relevant. On the other hand, it shows how determined and persistent person you are, and employers really may like that. Often these skills reflect the personality of you, so do not hesitate to include it as special skills on resume.


Relate the skills to the job

Sometimes the employer is clever and can connect your skills to your working duties. But sometimes he is not that clever… That is why you should always write how he could benefit from your skills on resume, if he gives you a job.

For example, to write that you are an exceptional salesmen when applying for a general managerial position is for nothing and employers can rarely find the connection. But if you formulate it in the way that as an exceptional salesman you have a special skill to sell your ideas and company goals to your subordinate, it gets a brand new dimensions.

That’s why you shoudl always connect your abilities with the working duties and benefits it can bring to potential employer.

So that’s it. Use these specialĀ  tips, impress the interviewers and get as many interview invitations as possible. We wish you good luck.

PS: Check also resume language skills or computer skills on your resume.