Special Cover Letters Section

In this section, we prepared for you sample cover letters for different career scenarios, such as internal relocation, career change, entry level, etc. Please, inspire yourself and compose your own, unique cover letter!

  • Sample Cover Letter for Internship – Internship is a first career step for many of us. With a good cover letter, your chances of getting a place are much higher.
  • Cover Letter for Career Change – It’s natural that we have this need to change career. However, how to convince the employers about your intentions on a cover letter?
  • General Cover Letter – In case that you prefer to have a general document ready for application for any kind of job, you should have a look at this article.
  • Email Cover Letter – We live in a fast-paced era. To write your cover letter directly in the body of your email sent to an employer is actually a good idea.
  • Writing a Good One – General tips you can use if you prefer to write your covering letter on your own. Good Luck!
  • Simple Cover Letter Examples – Simple is good nowadays. Inspire yourself with plenty of very simple, sometimes just one sentence long cover letters.
  • Google Cover Letter – Do you want to get a job at Google? Well, you will need way more than just an exceptional cover letter…
  • Relocation Covering Letter – To write a cover letter to your current employer is sometimes the hardest thing… However, with a little help from us you should manage to do it.
  • Entry Level Jobs – Every one of us starts his career one time… A good cover letter, suitable for entry level positions, can help you to make a first step.
  • Creative Covering Letter – For some positions, such as marketing or sales, a creative letter is a good one. We prepared for you a plethora of creative letters you can use to impress your employer.
  • Cold Call Cover Letter – It’s not a best idea to send cold call cover letters, really… But if you decide to do so, our article will help you to compose a good letter for this purpose.


That’s it! Did you not find here what you have been looking for? Check out Cover Letters for Different Jobs Section.