Simple Things are Good Things

We live in an era of simple things. Employers are tired from long resumes and complicated cover letter. Simple is good today. We prepared for you several simple covering letters. Some of these are just one sentence long!

The length is not important, at least for sure not in the business of sales. When you try to sell your abilities to the employers, not the size, but the power of your words matters. Let’s have a look at few simple but strong cover letters. These cover letters look stupid to someone and genial to someone else. One thing is but certain – they do let the employers thinking…


Cover letters with a potential of a huge impact


Dear Hiring Manager,
When I found your job ad, I knew that I was born for this role.

Johan Duhman



Dear Mr. Konnels,
There is no reason to read any other job applications. You have already found the best guy for the advertised position of marketing manager.
Please, find everything important on the attached resume. See you in the interview!

Best Regards
James Dawning


Dear Hiring Manager,
Please take your mobile phone and call Mr. Dchumminski at 111223321. He’s the general manager of Lautr Ltd. and I worked for him for last ten years. He will tell you thousand of reasons why it is good to invite me the job interview for the job of creative director.

Best Regards
Joshua Made



Dear Mr. Turynski,
It is my pleasure to apply for a job of sales representative in your company.
If you think it is a good idea to double the sales, then you will invite me for the interview.

Scot Perkinsen


These were several simple cover letter examples. It is atypical, you are right. However, we live in an overcrowded world. Hundreds of people apply for the same job as you do. Just think about it for a while…

If you are not original, you will be forgotten. We live in an age of simple and unique things. However, if you prefer to use conventional method in your job search, you can use the following examples for your inspiration.


Dear Hiring Manager,
I decided to apply for a position of media manager, advertised on on 28th December.
Please, find everything important on my attached resume and list of references.
I really believe that I could be an asset for your company and fulfill all the job requirements.

I am looking forward to your reply

Tanya Malek


Dear Mr. Dones,

On the website, I found that you are searching for a new office manager.

After reading your ad several times, researching your company website and speaking with few colleagues, I really feel like an ideal candidate for this job.

You can find all the details about my experience and abilities on the attached resume.

I am looking forward to meet you in the interview.

Hoone Joune


Do not be afraid to experiment! You can send each letter to ten companies and you will see. Maybe the results will surprise you…
PS: Not ready yet? All lights are never green. You should go for it, there’s nothing to loose and everything to win.