Applying for a security guard job is not easy

Security guard is a specific job opening. When we compare it to other jobs, different things matter in a selection process for security guards. First of all, the education is really not very important for this position. This person does not need to have a diploma or sometimes even a high school.

On the other hand, job applicants need to focus on certain things on their resume. The relevant experience for the job, as well as the right personality skills and psychological profile are crucial for this job.

However, times have changed and today the requirements employers have on security officers are different as they were 10 years ago. Nowadays, an ideal applicant for this position should:

  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to take decisions quickly and judge the situation
  • Ability to teamwork
  • Be able to work under pressure, more than 12 hours in a row if needed
  • Able to diplomatically control difficult situations


Well, times have really changed and your job application should reflect these changes. It is not enough nowadays to write that you have one year experience with security and that you are a strong man :).

You need to focus also on your personal abilities and skills that are relevant for the job. Employers simply must have a feeling that you are an ideal security guard when they look at your perfect resume. Let’s have a look now at ideal sections on such a resume.


Sections on an ideal security guard resume


1. Professional picture

After all the talk, a guard must be able to do his job well. You should place your picture – a professional one, that reflects your strength, responsibility as well as calm nature, on the top of the resume. Statistics proved that job prospects who include picture on resume are invited for an interview twice often than applicants without picture on resume.


2. Short resume objective

Many job seekers forget to include objective on their resume. Employer must see that you aim for a position of security guard and that you like this job. This part is very important, as it is the one employer looks at firstly. A good objective for security guard can look like the following one:


My objective is to ensure the people and facility protection as a security guard. I believe that my experiences and personality profile are suitable for this position. What more, I see a meaningful purpose in this job, to protect the others.


This is a nice resume objective that can easily distinguish you from the other applicants for the job.


3. Your experiences

We recommend you to put only relevant experience on the resume. Relevant are all security positions, customer support or service positions, or even sales positions. If have experience with close protection, do not hesitate to include the names of your clients on the security guard resume.


4. Personality characteristic

Personality characteristics can play a key role in the selection process of security guards. You should mention on your resume the following skills, abilities and characteristics: (we recommend you to be honest and mention only the resume skills you really have or at least work on)

  • calm nature
  • ability to take right decision in right time
  • good observation skills
  • diplomatic behavior
  • ability to move fast
  • good physical condition
  • customer service skills
  • ability to take orders and act according to them
  • ability to teamwork
  • ability to stay focused and concentrated for a long time
  • ability to work under pressure


Try to include as many of these skills on your as possible. Potential employers will love to see it there.


5. Personal references.

Personal reference are important for nearly every job. However, there are especially important when we speak about security guards. Employers tend to verify your references, so we recommend you to call your previous employers before to ensure that they will provide good feedback of your work.

So, these are the main parts of an exceptional resume for a position in security. Now it is time to write one…. But if you do not feel ready yet, you can inspire yourself with the following sample or some other articles on Thank you!

Security guard resume example