Your experience matters when writing an objective for resume

Choosing what to write as your resume objectives sampleThere is a lot of theory written about how to write a resume objective. However, sometimes the best way to teach ourselves how to write something is to see a sample. Because of this we prepared for you several samples in this article. Hopefully you can use it as an inspiration to prepare your own, perfect objective that will impress the employer.

One thing you should keep in mind before starting looking at the samples is this one: never just copy-paste one of the objectives you like the most into your resume. Everyone of us is different, and your objective in resume should really reflect your own wishes and desires, not something you have found on the web. So really, use it just as an inspiration.

We will go through various levels of career in this article, and present some ideas for each level. So doesn’t matter how old you are or what experiences do you have, you should find here something for you. Then a different look at objectives in resume (associated with various job openings) are presented in separated articles. So, let’s start with the fresh graduates!


Fresh graduates

“I would like to do the job where I can apply what I have learned in school, and use my passion, eagerness and willingness to learn to become better worker while contributing to a prosperity of my employer.”

“My objective is to have a job where I can grow as a person, and help the company to grow at the same time. I strongly believe it can be your company.”

“In my early career, I am looking for a job where I can collect as much experience and knowledge as possible, and develop my skills.” I am ready to work hard and motivated to do my very best every day.”


People with 3-10 years of experiences

“I am looking for a role where I can evolve and develop the experience I have gained so far, concretely (list of concrete experience), ir order to help both my employer and myself to grow.”

“My objective is to find the role where I will be as beneficial for my employer as possible, and at the same time feel good, motivated and happy about my job. When looking on my experience and your job description, I have a strong feeling that this can be the role I am looking for, and I can be a person you are looking for.”


People looking for a career change

“I am looking for a new career in my life. In the time I have grown to a responsible, dedicated worker, who can bring a lot to a perspective employer. But I miss the feeling of happiness in my current job. I really feel that I can contribute a lot of to your business, plus find myself happy in daily job finally working for you. This is my main objective right now.”

“My objective is to take all the knowledge and experience I have gained so far from my industry to a new one, where I will feel good and where my knowledge can help the employer to see new things and move one step ahead.”


Sample resume objectives of a person with a long working experience, 10 years plus

“To use an extensive combination of experience, tangible achievements and knowledge gained in my 15 years long career so far to help a new employer to grow and do as well as never before is my primary objective.”

“Challenging job, motivational working environment and ability to grow. This is what I am looking for. As a good turn I offer 12 years of practical experience with (describe what you have experience with)”. I really think that this position can be the one.”

So here we go. If you want to see some more specialized objectives for specific positions, I recommend you to have a look at this article.