Different positions – different cover letters

To inspire yourself with some sample covering letters is not a bad idea indeed! But to just blindly copy it and paste into your job application will be a mistake, for sure. We prepared for you a set of cover letter samples, targeting various popular job openings.

In each article you will find not only the letter itself, but also tips and thoughts to think about when preparing your job application for that job. The best you can do is to print the given sample and try to compose your own cover letter for resume, reflecting your own abilities, skills and visions.


Sample cover letter for resume for various popular job openings

  • Sample cover letter for administrative assistant – Learn how to get this job where the competition is as tough as ever.
  • Sample cover letter for internship – In average, four applicants apply for every available internship position. Your cover letter is often the only way how to differentiate yourself.
  • Sample cover letter for medical assistant –  Medical assistants are commonly the most important people in the hospital. But the room for career growth is very limited there and that’s why it is not easy to write a good job application for this position.
  • Cover letter for customer service – Customer service jobs became very popular in 21st century. Accepting the fact that no special education or experience is essential for this job, you need to make a grade with something different. Good cover letter might be that secret ace you are looking for.
  • Cover letter for career change – Some things are hard to describe even to our families, not to talk about the potential employers. Learn how to write a perfect cover letter once considering changing your career.
  • Cover letter for bank teller – Get a job in a bank. Inspire yourself with our unique letter.
  • Cover letter examples for nurses – Nurses should take their job as a mission, and exactly this should be a base of their job application. Find how to use it in practice.
  • Cover letter for teaching position – When being young, nearly all kids dream about becoming a teacher. However, it is not so easy nowadays.
  • Cover letter for sales position – If you think seriously about a career in sales, you will have to write a perfect cover letter in which you sell yourself. Learn how to achieve it.
  • General cover letter for employment – In case that you have not found the sample cover letter for resume you were looking for, you can always contact us to ask a new publication. However, the presented general sample should help you to understand the basics at least.