Will a physician choose you as his assistant? Well, depends on your cover letter.

It is not an easy job for a physician to choose his or her medical assistant. On one side, these people are very important. Just think about it. If the doctor chooses a wrong assistant he risks his reputation. On the other hand, thousands of applicants for this position are pretty similar in many ways, so it is not easy to make a right choice.

It is also not easy for the applicants, to impress the physician. Still there is a chance and with the sample from ResumeSwan.com, you can make it. At the beginning, it’s crucial to remember the following things:


Things to remember when composing it

  1. Your cover letter needs to be unique. It makes no sense to write the same letter as thousands of other applicants write. You need to show the physician that you have your own opinions and that you are able to do things independently. At the end of the day, this will be required from you in your job
  2. On the letter, you will see that it needs to be superb job targeted. Not only targeted for the position of medical assistant, what means to mention the abilities and skills relevant for this position. It means also targeted for the particular place you are applying for. You will see how this can be done in the sample cover letter for medical position.
  3. Lastly but for sure not on the last place, your cover letter should be very organized, when we speak about the layout of it. Remember, that your application reflects your abilities. To be organized person and keep attention to detail is positive for the job. These things need to be reflected on your cover letter.
  4. PS: Do not forget to get ready for an interview, learning more about medical assistant interview questions. Otherwise, your awesome cover letter will be useless piece of paper.


Sample covering letter uncovered

Alina Smith
34 Lincoln Street
10034 New York

Addressed to:
Adrian Fidgerald M.D.
Head Physician
Andrews Clinic
345 Anders Street
10038 New Yor

Dear Dr. Fidgerald,

I was very happy when I found out that your clinic is recruiting a new medical assistant. I really believe, that with my strong organization skills, dedication to work and a very positive attitude towards your clinic, I am the right person for this job.

Not only that I was the patient personally several times (and always very happy with the level of treatment), I also live nearby and know many of the patients personally.

As you can see in my enclosed resume, I have two years of experience with both clinical and administrative tasks as a medical assistant in Boston. Please, feel free to call my previous employer, Dr. Abdel, to ask about my work as a medical assistant. (You can find his contact details in reference section of my resume),

Dr. Fidgerald, I am now available to start the job ASAP, and really believe you’ll give me a chance to present myself in a face to face interview at your Clinic. Please, feel free to call me anytime. This meeting is important for me and so I will always find time to speak to you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and looking forward to meet you in person,

Alina Smith


So this was a simple, short, to the point and unique sample cover letter for medical assistant. You can notice several unique things on it, like for example:

  • Personal reference mentioned directly in the cover letter, with call to action to call this Dr.
  • Positive emotions showed regarding the workplace and the clinic itself.
  • Applicant is directly asking for an interview invitation at the end of it.


While composing your job application for medical assistance jobs,  you need to try things. You need to be unique in some way, to risk a little bit. Maybe some of the physicians will not like your style. But, that’s not the problem. Always there will be someone who will appreciate your honest, friendly approach and hire you. Use our sample cover letters an inspiration. We wish you good luck!