Good cover letter- Best way to get internship place

Usually, there are plenty of applicants for every single internship position. To help you to make a grade and grab one these spots, we composed for you a sample letter. It should help you to understand better what is important for the employer and how you should present your own skills and experience.

Anyway, you should not just copy paste our letter… A good job application should reflect your own preferences and wishes, but also and most importantly, the role you are applying for. Your cover letter should not be similar to the letters your friends and colleagues compose. It should be unique and should catch the eye of the employer. The following sample reflects all of the mentioned. So, let’s have a look at it!


Sample cover letter for internship for your inspiration


Martin Johnes
Good College, My University
My street and Street Number,
10034 New York

Addressed to:
Andy Important,
HR Manager,
Nice Company Ltd.,
Your Street 22,
10034 New York

Dear Mr. Important,
If you are looking for passionate hard working under graduate willing to do his best every day to build his career in your company, than you are reading the right cover letter.

I have a broad experience in bio chemistry and chemistry, concretely this field and this field, and as I have deeply studied your job description and researched your website, I know that you are working exactly in this field. That is why I have decided to apply for summer internship position in your company.

Beside my nice attitude to work, friendly personality and research experience from the University, I can bring to your company also a lot of practical experience, coming from the following occupations:

– First experience you had most recently.
– Second experience you had before that, related to the field.

I really believe I could be a strong asset to your program. Please, feel free to contact Mr. Teacher, at 3322443, who would provide you honest reference of my work at the University but also outside of it.

Thank you for the time you spent reading my cover letter and I really hope to meet you in the interview.


Martin Johnes


That is it, an ideal letter. It is presenting clearly but in an interesting and easy to read way why the employer should consider your application and at least invite you for the face to face interview. We wish you good luck!

PS: Do not hesitate to check also best resume format or other sections on the website, to compose a perfect resume likewise.