Today it’s a time to get a job of business analyst

If you want to become a good business analyst, you need to understand the process management very well. You simply need to know how to analyze the processes in a company and improve it to better.

Or at least, you need to convince the employer with your covering letter, that you have this ability to do so in his company. How to do so? Let the next paragraphs to answer all your questions


Sections on a cover letter

  • First sentence, in which you qualified yourself as an applicant for the particular position of business analyst.
  • Second, eye catching sentence, that should give an employer a clear reason to invite you for the face to face interview, or at least give you a call.
  • Other sentences in which you mention all your skills and abilities relevant for a job of business analyst.
  • Last, closing sentence, in which you ask the employer to invite you for the job interview.


Let’s have a look at a sample letter right now! You can use it for your inspiration. (We do not recommend to copy it though.)


Sample business analyst cover letter

Dear Mr. Hurring,

I found your advertisement for junior business analyst position in New York Times and decided to apply for it.
With my outstanding understanding for business and astonishing results when it comes to improving the effectiveness of production processes, I believe that I can be a strong asset for your team.

To analyze things and improve it is my passion. I improved lessons at the University, I improved the system of electricity saving in our house. Then, most importantly, I helped the company where I worked to raise profits by 200%, just by doing couple of relatively easy improvements.

I have studied process management at the Harton College (please find details on my resume) and was always oriented towards technology (field in which your company is very active).
Taking into account my detailed oriented and creative personality, I really believe that I am the right person for this job.

I will be glad to present myself in the job interview, if I get the opportunity. And I hope I’ll get it.

Thank you for your consideration and hopefully see you in the job interview.

Best Regards

Antony Swalling,


Good applicant for business analyst position knows how to sell himself on a cover letter. You shoudl remember: Not the best person for the job is hired. The one who is able to convince the employers on the cover letter and in the interview is.

Do not underestimate the power of your cover letter. Spend enough time preparing it, thinking honestly about the added value you can bring to the company. We wish you good luck!