Position of an attorney – get respect in a society

Attorney is one of the best professions. Attorneys are pretty respected in the society and earn great salaries. On the other hand, countless people graduate from the law school and apply for the job of attorney every year. A unique job application is your chance to stand out from the crowd and be recognized as an exceptional applicant for this job.

We prepared for you a sample of a cover letter, that is the most important part of your application. But before you have a look at it, you need to understand few general rules of cover letter writing for legal positions.


  1. The goal of your cover letter is to be invited for a job interview. Always keep this goal in mind. To grab the attention of the employer, make no mistakes on your cover letter and do other things, all these factors are just secondary. To get an interview invitation is your goal and everything you do and write should lead towards achievement of this goal.
  2. Your application must be unique. It must be one of a kind. If it is similar to cover letters from other applicants, you will have no advantage. Your application will be average. And for this job, average is not good. It needs to be exceptional.
  3. You need to be yourself on your cover letter. If you lie, employer will find it out in the job interview. It would be just a waste of time for both of you, that’s it…


Sample covering letter for attorneys


Dear LL.D. Jones,

I was glad to find out that your respected company is looking for a new attorney. I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time.


I was always a great student of law tried my best to keep on with the latest trends in the industry. I followed many cases and personally took part in it, just to improve my practical knowledge of law.
Attorneys from your office were often on the site of defense and did their job very well. This was the first time I thought about my career in your company.


I know a lot about your philosophy and individual approach to every client. I am fully identified with this approach and believe that I could be a great part of your team.


Please, find attached my resume with enclosed references and achievements on it. I will be glad to get a chance to present myself and the added value I can bring to your company in the face to face interview. I am ready to come anytime.

Best Regards
LL.D Aron Felings


If you want to get a job of an attorney, you will have to sacrifice something. To pay several compliments to potential employer on the cover letter or to visit personally cases where this company represents the party are just two of them.


Anyway, it is worth the effort. Once you get this job of an attorney and start the work, it will change your life forever. We wish you good luck on your route to dreams! PS: Check also law student resume article, or have a look at other pages on ResumeSwan.