Present yourself as a perfect salesman on your resume

To recruit a good salesman is an extremely difficult task nowadays. However, to write a good job application for this position is not an easy task either… If you are looking for a career in sales, you need to count with tough competition represented by countless job applications of other people applying for a sales position.

When reading your job application, objective will be for sure amongst the first parts of it the employer looks at. If he likes it and finds there what he is looking for, you’ll get an interview invitation. On this page we will try to show you samples of some good and bad objective for people in sales. You can use it to compose your own statement and to impress the employers.


What should be on the objective?

For the beginning, you should always keep in mind that your sales resume objective statement shoudl include the following parts:

  1. Description of a job you are looking for and this job should be seemingly similar to the one you are just applying for with this application
  2. Description of few skills and abilities that makes a good salesman, from a point of view of the employer
  3. Something unique what should catch an eye of the employer and help you to stand out from the crowd of other applicants

Well, it’s not easy task, I know. However, after you have a look at the samples, you should understand better how such a statement should be and should not be made.


A good example


Being a result driven, people passionate sales person, I am looking for a sales position in a organization with great product and good reputation, exactly like your company. I strongly believe that my enthusiasm and motivation will not only bring in new sales regularly, but also help you to maintain and even improve the high quality and challenging working environment. Give me a chance to sell myself in the face to face interview. It’s a decision you will never regret.


Looking at the example above, it is crystal clear it fulfill all the points described in the first part of this page. Beside presenting your unique strengths and a clear reason why employer should invite you for an interview, you are also giving him some honest compliments he is defenseless against. Such an objective is in fact a form of sales letter. And it’s a good one. Apply the principles in your own resume and watch the interview invitations coming.


The bad example of sales resume objective


Experienced and well educated salesman with great sales record is looking for a new job where he can utilized his skills and experience, grow as a person and find new motivation.


This is a short example how it should not be written. Not only the person speaks about himself all the time, he also clearly has no clue what matter when it comes to selling. Well, you do not have to be an expert to know that education and experience count very little in this field. Keep that in mind, use the first example for your inspiration and impress the employers with a unique objective.

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