Resumes for Different Positions

Every job is different, and demands different set of skills, experience and education. All these things should be reflected on your resume for certain position. Logically, all these resumes will be different.

To help you to prepare a good one for each and single job, we are constantly adding new articles to this section. Please, inspire yourself with the following articles and samples.

  • Nursing Resume Examples – Two examples of a resume of a nurse, one from an experienced nurse and one from a fresher.
  • Project Manager Resume – An exceptional resume of an exceptional project manager. These people can not afford to make a mistake, can they?
  • Waitress Resume – What does matter on a resume on a waitress? I know the answer…
  • Cashier Resume – It is a normal job to work as a cashier. However, the resume needs to be special, as there are many applicants for every cashier position. Do not hesitate to inspire yourself with our example.
  • Engineering Resume – General form of resume that all kind of engineers can use for their job application.
  • Construction Resume – Do you want to work on a construction? Well, a good resume will be needed to get this job. Learn how to present the strengths that matter for construction workers.
  • Pharmacist Resume – Also you can have this exceptional job of a pharmacist. All you need to have is a right education and a proper job application.
  • Food Services Resume – To work in a food service is a good start for your career, isn’t it?
  • Business Development – This is a specific field and that’s why your resume needs to be extremely targeted. Inspire yourself with out sample.
  • Bank Teller Resume – I know you… You want to be a bank teller! Well, with a good resume this is an easy task really.
  • Office Manager – Office manager is often a nice label for a personal assistant position. However, if you apply for a real office management job, our sample resume should help you.
  • Security Guard – The application for a position of security guard is a specific one. Security guard needs to focus on something else than his education and experience on a resume. Do you know what?
  • Operations Manager Resume – It’s an easy task to be an operations manager. However, to get this job is slightly more difficult, especially if you struggle with your resume writing.
  • Store Manager– Is someone who can lead the store and motivates the employees to the best possible performance. Also you can get this role if you really want to have it.
  • Lifeguard Resume – To lie on a beach and be paid for it is a nice imagination. However, there is really a bunch of applicants for every open spot for lifeguards… Can you be the one?
  • Retail Sales Associate – Inspire yourself with a sample resume.
  • Dental Assistant Resume – Dental assistants are typically nice people. At least that’s my experience. Dentists pretty much bet on personal preferences when reading resumes of the applicants for this role.
  • Truck Driver – I want to drive a truck! And I can do it, with my suitable resume for this position!
  • Chef Resume – This resume is the one that simply has to be combined with a working portfolio. Learn how to compose it well from the professionals.
  • Assistant Manager Resume – To start as an assistant is a best move you can make to a managerial career. However, you’ll need much more than a diploma to get this role.
  • Auto Mechanic – He doesn’t have to wear a suit. He doesn’t have to have tons of different experience… He simply has to live and breath cars and present it on a resume…


New articles are added on a weekly basis. If you would like to ask us to prepare a special article, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!