Each of us needs to compose a resume at least once

There is probably no adult person in this world that has never composed a resume. We simply need it, in order to be able to send job application, get interview invitation and get a job we want to have. Although  some individuals may feel confused when they should write a resume, the truth is that this art of resume writing can be mastered and the following general ideas can help you to get rid of stress and compose a great resume.

Anyway, it is good that you do not want to just copy paste some resume format, but look for your own way how to compose the resume. This way it will be original, reflect your personality and abilities and help you to stand out from the crowd. So, let’s have a look at some tips.


General tips for a process of resume writing

Good resume written using resume writing tips from ResumeSwanSelect  a  suitable layout that reflects the level of your experience and also your abilities

For a fresh graduate who does not have too many relevant things to be written in resume, a one page long layout, with strong emphasis of your abilities, skills, perspective and maybe photo is the right one. Oppositely, if you have something behind you already and have achieved great results in the past, a lengthy layout for resume, focused on your practical experience and achievements will be the good one.  You can read something more about the right layout in Perfect Resume section, if these tips are not sufficient for you. Anyway, always choose a layout with a strong first page. First page of your resume is the most important one.


Always check grammar, accuracy and simplicity of content

Because you are giving details about your self, your grammar should be impeccable. Avoid mistakes, typos, but also too long and complicated sentences. Your CV shoudl be easy to read for the employers. Otherwise, they’ll get tired and bored reading it. You can not let it to happen.

Following the presented ideas, a key is to always remember that the employer connect the way your resume is written with the way you approach your daily job. If there are many mistakes in your resume, or you focus on things that are not relevant for the job, employer will easily get the feeling that you approach your working duties lightly and are not a responsible person.

In addition, the language you should in your resume should be straight-forward and simple. Avoid using too long sentences, complicated compounds, and vocabulary your perspective employer might not understand. Remember, it’s a resume, not a prize winning book… So avoid using complex language that does not serve the purpose of communication well.


Organize your resume in the right way

Resume is in fact a sales letter. Just think about it. Writing it, you are trying to sell your skills, abilities and experience to the employers on the job market. And as any other message, you should be organized from the start to the finish.

In a first part, you need to catch the attention of the reader. A nice photo, or a short introduction describing your primary skills and abilities relevant for the job is a good way to start your resume. Then to continue with relevant experience and education and finishing it all in style with two or three personal references, you can be 100% sure you’ll sell yourself to the employer.


Be accurate and exact in your resume

Man is writing his resume with his handPresent accurate details

Nowadays, employer often performs a follow up to confirm the credibility of your resume. He might call few of your previous employers  to verify you experience, competence or achievements. If you exaggerate your strengths or add false details just to impress the employer, or simply do not do it, then you are jeopardizing your career.

Your weaknesses and strengths will become evident in the interview, sooner or later. It makes no sense to lie in your resume. On the other hand, you shoudl also not underestimate your skills and abilities. Just try to present your authentic skills and abilities in a best way possible.


Do not forget to update your resume

You should update your resume regularly depending on the things that your are doing at the moment. For instance,  if you have acquired new skills or achieved something in your life, do not hesitate to add it to your resume.

We people should progress in our life. Today, you shoudl be a better person as you were three years before, and also a better worker. And your resume shoudl reflect it. So, update it to present yourself in a best way possible. Doing so you show the employer how this application is important for you. That’s the right attitude you should present.

With the above written ideas, you can be certain you have done your best to get hired. And that is what matters at the end of the day, or not? We wish you good luck!