Speaking about skills on your resume

When writing a resume, many people struggle to decide skills to mention there. It is a sad truth, but more than half of our population are in fact not able to assess own skills and abilities. We do not know what we are good at… Isn’t that sad?

Anyway, even if the situation is bad, we will show you how to choose the correct skills to make a good impression with your job application. But first thing you need to do is to find out what skills and abilities do you posses.


Ask the others about your own skills for a resume

“The person man knows very little about is himself”. If I choose anyone of your close friends or family members, you will certainly be able to name his or her skills easily. We people simply can better asses skills of other person than our own abilities. Do not ask me why it is so…. It is not important and anyway, I do not know the answer :). But I know what you need to do to realize what are your own skills.

You need to go and ask your family members or your friends. Ask them to tell you what you are good at. Ask them to tell you what they admire on you. Ask as many people as you can, to find out as many skills you have as possible. And always make notes. At the end of this practice, you should have a list with at least ten skills or abilities you have. That is not a bad start, is it? Maybe they will tell you about general skills and maybe about skills with computers or communication skills you can use on your resume.


Understand what is beneficial for the employer

The biggest mistake people make is that they include the same skills on every resume, doesn’t matter if it is relevant for a job or not. But this is not the technique that will guarantee you success. Always look at the job description and think deeply: What skills should this person posses? Sometimes, a job description itself can provide you good information… Anyway, you should be able to identify at least five or six skills that are highly relevant for this position. And hopefully, two or three of them will match with the skills on your own personal resume skills list!

Once this happens, you know what to do. You know exactly what skills to mention. But now there is a question: Where to include these skills on my resume?

The answer is simple: Make the relevant skills as visible as possible. Include them in the introduction part of your resume. And if you do not have an introduction part (although you should…), include them on the first page of the resume for sure.

Just think about it. Imagine a person looking at your job application. This person knows what abilities are important for this job. And he is trying to identify persons who posses these skills, within the bunch of job applications. So make it easier for him. Make it visible for him. Make sure he will notice it.

As you can see, it is not so difficult. You just need to follow the steps from this article, and you should be pretty happy about your resume skills. We wish you good luck!

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