Without an objective there’s hardly an invitation for interview

Anytime when composing a job application, you should include a good objective on your resume. It is one of the first things recruiters look at while reading a resume. It is also a section on your resume, which could help you to get an invitation for interview. But of course, firstly you need to know how to compose it.

On this page, we will try to outline you how to compose such a winning objective. Do not be afraid, it doesn’t matter what your education is or experiences are. Unlike other parts on the resume, everyone can write a perfect objective, even a fresh graduate. So, let’s have a look at ti right now!


It makes no sense to use general statements

Resume objective in the hands of job applicantTo maximize your chance of being invited for a job interview, you should not choose a general objective. You should make it simple, clear but at the same time very specific and job targeted.

You must be specific when writing your objective. Be honest in stating what you are looking for in your job. This should always be related to the offer you are applying for. It makes no sense to state that you aim for a career in finance, once you are applying for a position of school teacher. Think about it, it’s logical.

Your career objective should correspond with the potential career you can make in the company where you are applying for the job. That’s the resume objective employers are looking for!


Potential contributions matter a lot

Please, also do not forget to speak also about your potential contributions to the company where you are applying for a job. You both should benefit from your employment – employer also.  The employer will look for these benefits the company could get if they hire you. So for sure, think also on the company when composing your objective…

To conclude this, when writing your objective for resume, make sure that it covers the following areas:

  • Job you want to do – the one you are applying for
  • What you want to do in long term horizon – if possible, in correspondence with possibilities in the company
  • Long-term and short-term goals of you as a person (preferably professional goals)
  • What skills and abilities you desire to bring to the company as your objective


Resume objective creates first impression

Focus on what you can do for your prospective company while writing the  objective. This is what matters to them. To support it, you can find the connection of your personal goals with the company goals. If the company will be happy, you’ll be also happy. That’s the win win situation, that’s the way it works. Keep it in mind, and present it on your objective for each position.

Objective should not be taken as a complementary part. Most of the time, applicants are very detailed in preparing the other parts of resume, but they cram in writing their career objectives. Do not make the same mistake. I would easily cost you the invitation for your job interview.

Correspondence with the company goals and with the perspective you have there. This is the goal you should keep in mind when composing an objective. If you make a mistake many do, and for example write you want to have own business in five years, then you can hardly receive many interview invitations – they do not want someone who’ll leave in one year time to start his own career… Please, never forget on this.

PS: Have a look also at references on resume, or browse other content of the web where you can find also samples of resume objective.