Plan your layout well for a resume

People have enough troubles to find out what information to write on a resume. And then, on the top of that, we even do not know how a good layout should look like. It’s not an easy task to put together a really good resume, and to use the professionally looking template, I know that…

Anyway, in this article I will give you several recommendations you can always look at when you will be not sure if your chosen layout is a good one. Follow the recommendations and you can be 100 percent sure that the employer will enjoy the time reading your resume and strongly consider inviting such an organized person like you are for the face to face interview. So, let’s start with it.


Tips you just need to know

1. Your resume have to be organized.

This is the first, and a most important tip. Employers connect the way we put together our resume with our personality. If it is shady, messy, and employer have problems to find there what he is looking for, he will get the feeling that we act the same way in our daily job. By that I mean, that we are not organized, do not perform our duties carefully enough, etc.

So, ensure that the layout you choose, is the one on which every part has its name and is somehow separated from other parts. For separation, either the line or the border can be used.

2. Good resume layout has to use numbering and bullets.

It’s really a pain to read a resume that is just one piece of consistent text. It was proved that people react much better on shorter sentences, a well as numbering and bullets. We simply feel better while reading the simple and short text. And you want the employer to feel better while looking at your job application, right? So for sure, use numbering and bullets.


3. Stress the most important parts on the resume.

Do not be afraid to use bold or italics font when writing your resume. Some words like profit, success, responsible, good results, etc. are so called buying words in your resume. These are the words employer subconsciously connects with a good worker. Stress them by using bold format of font, to ensure that the employer remembers exactly those words from your resume.


4. More is less

Some people go for a very long template for resume. However, think about it for a while… The average number of job application companies receive weekly is more than one thousand, by companies like Google it is more than ten thousand. Do you really think they have time to read long resumes? Well, they do not have. Try to make your resume just one page long. And if it is not possible, for sure make the first page of it as interesting as possible. You have just this first page to catch the attention of the employer. If you fail to do so, your resume will end up in the rubbish bin.


Therefor, we advise you to choose resume layout with a strong first page, that includes photo, introduction and the key bullet points describing why the employer should invite you for the interview.

These are the four key tips you should remember. Keep them in mind and you can be certain your resume is well written. We wish you good luck and enough patience by writing.

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