Format matters for resume – download the right onw

When writing a resume, people typically have various struggles. How long it should be? What to include and what to not include? What resume skills should I mention? And how to make my resume interesting for an employer?

However, before we can start to work on all of these aspects, we should know what format to use. In fact, this depends strongly on the position you are applying for, as well as on the length of the experiences. A template fresh graduate would use will be very different to the one a financial manager with twenty years of experiences use.

Similarly, applying for a position at MC Donald’s is not the same as applying for a position at IBM (though they are both grate companies), and you really need to adjust your resume format to the type of company you want to be employed in. In this article, we will let you to download several types of layouts, and describe each of them and why it is good for you or bad for you.

Just before we give you these formats, please keep in mind that it is just the beginning of your success. Badly written resume in a great format is for nothing, similarly to a great resume that but uses a bad format. So always try yo keep both of the parts as good as you only can.


First resume format, the one good for fresh graduates

You can download the format here: resume format for graduates. It’s  a short template, but the nice one and very professional one. Do not forget that if there is not too much relevant information to be written in your resume, it is good to keep it short. Like this one. It’s one page, you mention the most important things, and that’s it. This resume format is designed to catch the eye of the employer.


Designed for more experienced people

The second format is much longer than the first one. It is also designed the way to catch the eye right in the beginning, but when compared to the first format, it continues to keep the attention of the recruiter high and helps to create a more complete picture about you. Particularly your achievements and contributions are highlited in this resume – the parts the employer is really interested it. You can download it here: experienced people resume.


The European CV format

While most of the things are probably better in the US than in Europe, the standard template used in Europe called Europas is not bad at all. It includes photo, and is pretty much well organized and chronological. With a little tweaks add by ResumeSwan team, it’s for sure one of the best resume formats you can find out there. Check it out here: European CV format.


The creative one

If you are applying for a position in marketing, or any other field where creativity is a key component of an ideal applicant, you may like the creative formats. This is a very creative way how to present your creative skills. To stay creative, fee free to modify the template a bit and do what ever you like to do with it. Download it here: creative resume.

So that was it. To prepare for your resume creation process even better, check something about resume skills or browse other content of the web. We wish you all the best!