Resume Examples for Students Cut into Pieces

  • What should a student write on the resume?
  • How should he formulate the objective?
  • What resume format should a student pick if he does not have any working experience?
  • Are there any good resume examples for students?


We will have a look at all these things in this article. Students do not have an easy situation on the job market. However, a good choice of resume can often increase their chances of getting a job dramatically. There are some exceptional resume examples for students that impressed many employers. Let’s have a look at parts of such an exceptional resume.


Format and sections of a good student resume.

A best format is a one page long format. Employers prefer this in general plus it makes no sense to use longer format as a student. Honestly, there is hardly anything relevant you would be able to write on a lengthy resume. Good resume for students has a small professional picture on it. Employers know that a “fresh blood” can sometimes bring a new life to their company. Use a smiley photo to let them know about the enthusiasm you can bring on the board with you.


Introduction part

Good resume examples for students start with a short introduction. You should include here your personal motto and list several skills that are important for the job. Here is an example of a good one:


Adam Smith
Work, love or sport. I always do everything on 100%.

  • Extremely reliable
  • Energetic
  • Source of brilliant and useful ideas


Your photo should be aligned on the right side of the introduction. This first part is very important. It has a good potential of catching the eye of the employer, especially if you pick unique motto and abilities relevant for a job.


Resume objective

Second on the resume should be your objective. This part seems to cause troubles, not only for students. However, it is time to change it. Let’s have a look at a good examples of student resume objective.


My goal is to start a career well, in a good company. All I want to do is to do my best every day in the job and learn as much as I can. I prefer to build a career in this company and not change my employer later.


This is a very simple but good example of resume objective for students. It tells the employer everything he wants to hear: Loyalty, willingness to work hard, willingness to learn. Simple but effective.


Practical experience

You can find different approaches to practical experience on the resume examples for students. Some people advise to not put there any experience that is not relevant (in most of the cases, this is all the experience the students have…).

However, some other HR professionals advice to put there as much experience as you can. We on think that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Employer is not interested in your summer jobs. However, you can include it on the resume, making a short notice:


Summer 2007: Guard in Yellowstone Park. I learned to be more responsible in this job.


As you can see, it is a simple description, but you show the employer the benefit you gained from this experience. That is much more important than the name of the position…


Education and courses

There is hardly anything special you can do about this section. You should simply summarize your education from the most recent one to the high school. Employers are not interested in any lower levels of education. Please, keep it on your mind. If you took part in any special course that can be relevant for the job (computer courses, team building courses, motivation seminar), you can mention it here briefly.


Skills and abilities

As a student, you should focus on this part on your resume. This is that part where you can tell the employer why it makes sense to employ you. You should use the following thinking process:

  • Read the job description carefully and make a list of skills and abilities that are required or positive for this job
  • Think about yourself and choose the skills you have from the list.
  • Put in on your resume.


This is simple but very effective method of resume writing. The section can look like:


Computer skills
MS Office – professional.
Internet – professional. I can type very fast and work very quickly on the computer.

Personal skills
-responsible, punctual, smart.
– team player, quick learner and quick worker


References on resume

Last part of resume examples for students are your references. Now I know what you are thinking. You do not have any references at the moment. Well, you should still include someone. In most of the cases, employers will not contact your references. However a simple fact that you have it on resume will make your application more reliable.
If you can not include anyone else, you can use your school teacher as a personal reference. It is better than nothing.


So, this was a resume example for students cut into pieces. Learn from it and compose a perfect resume.
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