Is cover letter important nowadays?

How to write a cover letter? What should you include on it? And what aims should you target with it? We will try to answer all these questions in the following paragraphs…

Resume cover letter is often a first document interviewers have a look at from your job application. There are several things you have to focus on when writing it, to have a chance to make a good first impression.


Use information from a job description to your advantage

First of all, it must be position targeted. Believe me, interviewers are more than bored from reading those phrases like “dedicated professional with proven record of achievements” or “fast learner, good team member and even better team leader”. If you decide to use these, your letter will look like hundreds of others they have to go through on a weekly basis. So saying it once again: Be position targeted and company targeted. Let’s have a look at the following example so you can better understand how to do it practically.


Resume cover letter with hand signatureImagine that you apply for a position of junior project manager in company called Networks and Security, Ltd., that specializes in networking security solutions.

What you should do right at the beginning is to have a look at the personal requirements in the job description. Let’s say you’ll find the following abilities listed there: analytical thinking, creativity, perfect communication and presentation skills, flexibility, and dedication to work.

So on your letter, you should target exactly the mentioned abilities, plus the area in which the company operates. For example, you can use the following formulations:


  • My experiences have so far proved me as an analytical thinker with an ability to clearly present his thoughts and intentions.
  • I am passionate about networking security and strongly dedicated to work on projects related to this area.


Show them that the company and its goals are your first priority

Second thing you should keep in mind when writing your cover letter, is to always let the reader know, that you have the goals of the company at the first place, and your own goals are always behind. It will be more than impressive if you spend some time and google for goals of Networking and Security Ltd. and then use it for your advantage in your cover letter. We can demonstrate it on our example again. Let’s say that you have found the goal of NS Ltd. on their website, where is stated:

Our main goal is to provide 100% secure and reliable network security solutions, and become number one in British market in three years horizon.

Transformed to the language of your cover letter:

  • I always try to do more than 100% to achieve the perfect satisfaction of both my employer, and our client.
  • I will be glad to get a chance to prove you at the job interview, that I can help Networking and Security Ltd. to become number one in British market.


Formulating it this way on your cover letter, your sending a clear message to the recruiters: This guy did not only attach a standard cover letter to his email and clicked send button. This applicant really cares about the position and our vision and philosophy. Believe or not, the difference of your picture in the heads of recruiters will be significant. And you want them to invite you for an interview, don’t you?


More simple your resume cover letter is, better your chances of getting interview invitation are

The last thing to keep in mind when composing your very best  covering letter is to write it in a simple language, and write it short. Interviewers are more than fed up from reading complicated and long cover letters every day. In your letter, simply focus on the most important points, and write in a simple language. Use rather short sentences, use bullets and numbering as much as you can.

This is the secret not many people know about, but there is a continual proportion of the simplicity of your resume cover letter and the odds of getting interview invitation. More simple and readable it is for the recruiters, better your chances of being invited for an interview are.



To conclude it, always remember three key points:

  • Make it position oriented- write what they want to read
  • Make it goal oriented and look like you spend some time composing it
  • Use as simple language and sentences as possible


That’s it. Let’s compose a perfect job application right now!

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