Convincing the employer about your relocation

Dreaming of relocation in your jobIt is not easy to make a move in your career. Especially if you want to relocate, it will be tough to compose a good job application and persuade the employer to give you a chance. This article should help you to compose a good application and increase your chances of successful application and relocation.

We put together for you two samples of good letters for relocation application. The first one is for people applying for internal relocation (e.g you work for IBM in Paris but want to work for IBM in London). The second one should help people that apply for a job at completely different company and different locality. That is in fact the toughest scenario.


What you need to know before writing your letter

Before you start to write your own cover letter, you should realize several things:

  • Employers always prefer someone living in the place of work, to avoid problems connected to the process of relocation. On your cover letter, you need to ensure the employer that you can handle the process on your own, both physically and mentally.
  • You need to be careful with your cover letter, especially if you apply for internal relocation. To say anything bad about your current employer can easily lead into your dismissal. You should stay positive in your cover letter and clearly explain why you want to relocate. Let’s have the look at the samples now.


Relocation cover letter samples, internal relocation


Dear Mr. Smith,
I have been proudly working at IBM Paris for last five years. I like to work there and I am sure IBM likes me also, because of the results of my work. However, I need to relocate to London, from personal reasons.

I spoke to my supervisor, Mr. Travioso, and he told me that there should be some open positions for senior java developers at IBM London.

Mr. Smith, please see my references, list of the major projects I’ve been working on and list of my accomplishments. It is written on the attached resume.

I honestly think that I could be an asset for your team there in London. I have already found a new flat there and organized everything necessary for my relocation. I hope you give me a chance to present myself in the interview and prove that it is worth to give me a chance in your team.

Thank you for your consideration and see you in London!

Marten Houghes


External relocation


Dear Hiring Manager,
It may surprise you that I apply for the job located 3,000 miles away. However, it is my long term intention to relocate to New York. The position of senior marketing manager you are trying to fill is exactly the role for me.

As you can see on my enclosed resume, I have been working in marketing for the past decade. I lead several successful projects, as you can see on an attached working portfolio.

I know that you probably have good candidates for this role also there in NY. However, I have already arranged everything for my relocation and am ready to meet you in NY anytime, on my own expense. I really believe that this meeting will be worth for both of us.

Please, let me know when we can see each other, either live or online, to discuss this job.

Douglas Griffin


You should notice several important things on our samples. Each letter is written in quite an informal tone, describing clearly the reasons for relocation and that the applicant is ready to relocate immediately. It also gives the employer a clear reason why he should at least consider your application. Use the letters for your inspiration and succeed in your relocation process. We wish you good luck.