Is objective important for a receptionist?

It’s definitely a nice job to be a receptionist. But while applying for this job, applicants have lots of problems. One of them is choosing the right objective for their resume. Just think about it. It is a job of a receptionist. What long term or even short term objectives should we seek for? It’s even more difficult than compose a good cover letter for receptionist.

However, the situation is not as difficult as it may seem. It does not have to include some long term goals and can be simply related to the job you are applying right now. In well written objective you should for sure include the following:

  1. That you are looking for a job of receptionist
  2. That as an ideal place for work you consider exactly the type of the hotel where you are submitting your application to
  3. Mention some abilities which characterize a good receptionist
  4. If you want, you can include some of your wishes and desires. However, these should be corresponding with the offer you are applying for.

Why do not we look at some samples to understand in practice how this should be written and how it should not be done… We will present you now two samples of receptionist resume objective and then compare it. After reading it and understanding the point, it should be not a problem for you anymore to compose your own objective.


Two samples for receptionist resume

Sample number one: As a friendly, smiley and hard working receptionist who loves her job, I am looking for a role in a nice hotel (like yours one is). The place where I can perform my job well and help to achieve great customer satisfaction that will make both myself and my employer happy is my main objective. I’ll be glad to get a chance to demonstrate what I can do for your hotel in a face to face interview.

Sample number two: I am trying to find a nice job in a calm hotel, with good social benefits and challenging working environment. Having ten years of experience as a receptionist, I am looking just for the best hotels that are able to compensate me for my work appropriately.


Two different objectives, and two different points of view. Are you able to see the difference?


While the first receptionist is stating as her objective to help the hotel achieve a better customer satisfaction, the second one cares only about her won benefits and salary. While the first one mention concrete relevant abilities of a good receptionist she has, the second one just mention that she is experienced – what in fact means practically nothing, when we speak about receptionists. Just think about it.

Take a first sample of receptionist resume objective as a good inspiration for the future. Let the employer know that you care about him and his customers at first place, while your personal benefits are just secondary. Be unique, concrete and let them know why they should invite you for the interview. That is the best way how to compose it. We wish you good luck!

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