Job application for one of the most thriving roles

Project manager is one of the best possible jobs in a world. To be responsible for a project from the phase of planning to a phase of completion is really a thriving role that typically involves lots of meetings and travels. However, this job is very popular among highly qualified job seekers. You will need to prepare a very good resume, in order to have any chance of beating this tough competition and start a career in project management.

But before you look at our sample and various parts on it, you should think for a while about the following question: Who do companies want to hire when they are looking for a new project manager?
The answer to this question should help you to prepare a great resume. So, let me help you with it a little. Companies are trying to hire someone that:


  • Is able to use different project management methodologies in practice
  • Has very good people skills, emotional intelligence and ability to lead the others
  • Is an outstanding team player and communicator with an ability to create good long lasting relations with the others
  • Is creative, able to take decisions on his own
  • Has relevant experience and education


Excellent resume should present you as someone fulfilling the above mentioned requirements. I know that it is not easy. However, the job description can help you a lot when you are composing your resume. Most likely, you will find there the list of requirements for the job.

Then the best thing you can do is to put it in another words on your resume. With appropriate intelligence and creativity for project manager, you should be able to do it. Use the following examples as a good starting point.


Sections on a project manager resume


1. Resume objective

Managerial resumes should always start with your objective. You should mention here clearly what job you are looking for. Ideally, you should adjust your objective a little every time, according to the exact role you are applying for. Let me show you an example of resume objective of candidate applying for a position of project manager at Sky.


I would like to develop my excellent project management and people skills in a reputable company with a possibilities of career growth, that can benefit from my knowledge and potential for a long time.


Simple, but effective. That is the way your resume objective should be composed.


2. Working experience

You should put here all the relevant experience you have. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Direct project manager experience
  • Any other managing experience, where you were responsible for project, people or budgets
  • Sales jobs
  • Customer care positions
  • Teller positions
  • Any position in finance


You should simply mention any position in that you were able to develop any of skills and abilities needed for an exceptional project manager. That should be your primary goal. However, to make it easier for the recruiters, you can even cover these skills in the section. Let me show you how:


Dates: From 2/2004 to 5/2009
Position: Sales Representative
Company: ABCDEF Ltd.
Key duties and responsibilities: Active search for new customers, communication with existing customers, planning of the sales process, actively taking part on marketing strategy design, etc.


You should simply show the employer that you evolved as a person and gained some skills needed for a good project manger during your working experience.


3. Education and courses

Education is not the most important thing for good applicant, however companies typically consider it to be quite important. That is the reason why you should cover your education deeply on your resume. It it advisable to name all the principal subject of the University that are related to the project manager position.

You should always name all the communication, IT, marketing and other courses you took part in. We advise you again to couple it with the knowledge gained there, so the potential employer can see how it made from you a better manager.


4. Personal skills and characteristics

Project manager needs to be a complete personality. A rare combination of social and classical intelligence is required. An ability to take decisions, be responsible and work independently also. On the top of that, you need to have really good communication skills and ideally be a good leader. If you posses any of these skills, put it on your resume. Most of your competitors will do the same, doesn’t matter if they really have these skills or not.


5. Personal references on resume

Good personal recommendation from a reputable person can sometimes beat all the other deciding factor. If any of your previous bosses can provide a good feedback on your work, you should mention him on the resume. But before you do it, call this person, tell him or her what job you are applying for and ask if you can use him or her on your resume as a reference.

We advise you to ask for recommendation only people that have good communication skills and that have good relationship with you. References on resume can easily win you a job, but can as well ruin your chances if chosen wrongly.

These are the five part of our sample. We hope it helps you in your own efforts and preparation. You can inspire yourself also with the document below or check out the cover letter sample for project managers.


Resume Sample

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