There’s hardly more exciting job than a job of a project manager

project management cycle imageThe job of a project manager belongs to the most exciting jobs. These guys lead big projects, meet a lot of people and are responsible for big budgets. On your cover letter, you need to demonstrate that you can handle all of these tasks easily.

Not every person can become a project manager. You need to have some business experience behind you. You also should have good skills in different areas. You should be good in motivating, leading and simply working with people. You should know something about the process management, project management and business in general. However, it is not enough to have these skills. To get the job, you need to know how to present it appropriately on your covering letter.

To help you with this task, we prepared for you a nice sample. You can find there a good inspiration. It should help you to compose your own cover letter and present yourself as an ideal candidate for the position of a project manager. Enjoy the following sample and succeed in your job search!


Sample project manager cover letter


Dear Hiring Manager,

I read your advertisement for project manager position on It is exactly the role I have been looking for.
It is the role where I can use my strong experience in business and outstanding communication skills.

Having previously successfully accomplished several big projects (details on the attached resume), I really hope I can be an asset for your team. Please, feel free to call the references on my resume to ask regarding the feedback to my work and project management skills.

I have spent some time browsing the website of your company and researching for the related information. I really like your philosophy and vision. The types of projects you work on are suited for my skills and experience.

I am a very responsible person, always punctual and detail oriented. I bring this approach also to the projects I lead.
I really believe this could be a good co-operation, between you and me. What do you think?

I hope to meet you live in the interview. Feel free to call me anytime.

Hunter Maytern


This was a good example of a letter sent to an employer. The applicant mentioned all the relevant skills he has. He also gave few honest compliments to the employer and described why the co-operation should work. He also emphasized his personal references, that often play a key role when we speak about project management positions. We wish you good luck with your application!