Personal assistants are in demand nowadays

Every busy manager needs a personal assistant nowadays. For you, it is a good choice of a job. You can learn a lot from the more experienced person and later possibly switch to a managerial career on your own. However, when it comes to a selection process for this position, there are several myths about it.

People believe that the only two skills of a good assistant are the good physical appearance and the ability to cook coffee. Well, these facts are without a doubt positive and will not hurt your job application. But in this competitive era, employer can not afford to hire someone just because she is good looking. Such decisions will ruin his business, sooner or later.


On your cover letter, you need to show the employer what you can do for him. Present him the skills you have. Present him the added value he will gain after employing you. Personal assistants are very important in every company. And the bosses know it. A good assistant in the office can easily help the boss to increase his personal productivity by thirty percent or even more. Just think about it… That is the reason why you need to pay attention to your cover letter and try to make as good impression as possible on it. We decided to attach two samples of cover letters from our job applicants. It should help you to find the right words on your own.


Samples of personal assistant cover letter


Dear Mr. Smith,
On I found out that you are searching for a new personal assistant.
With my extensive knowledge of MS Office, type writing skills and always positive attitude to work, I believe that I can help you with any office tasks.

What more, I speak fluently Russian language what can come handy as I see that your company has many business partners and clients in Russia. As you can see on my resume, I was working with the clients from this region very extensively in the past.

From my character abilities I can mention strong attention to details, ability to work under pressure and solve any given tasks in the given time frame. I learn quickly and I hope to be a good companion also.

If you find my application interesting, I will be glad to present myself in person in the job interview.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards
Amanda Garnet,


This was the first sample cover letter for you. As you can see, Amanda tried to write something special on it. She mentioned her experiences with Russian market as well as her type writing skills. These abilities are for sure important for this employer and can easily secure her an invitation for job interview. She did not forget to mention her character abilities that are relevant for the job of PA. This cover letter should be a good inspiration for you.

However, if you are more experienced or prefer other style of cover letter writing, the following sample can serve you as an inspiration.


Dear Mr. Jenkins,
I decided to apply for a job of your personal assistant, as advertised on your corporate website on the 2nd February.
As you can see on my attached resume, I have been working like a PA for last 10 years. Please, feel free to contact any of my two previous employers to request feedback on my work. Their contact details are on the attached list of references.

I always try to make my best for my employer. In both of the previous jobs I helped to increase the effectiveness in the office and my goal is to do the same thing in your company.

Beside of classical PA skills like type writing and MS Office, I have an extensive knowledge of double entry bookkeeping, correspondence and SAP.

I am able to co-operate with other departments in the company, as well as communicate with anyone, including both CEOs and other personal assistants.

I really hope that you will give me a chance to present my self in the face to face interview with you.

Gustava Linke


Gustave focused in her application on personal references and extensive experience in the field. Especially for positions like PAs, references are very important. Personal assistants are in close contact with the boss all the time and so their previous bosses can typically give a very good feedback about their work. If you had a good relation with your boss, you should include the references on your resume for sure.


We hope that our examples of cover letter inspired you and gave you some hope. If you are still not sure what to do, have a look at cover letter writing tips or at other pages on