Dream of position of operations manager

To work as an operation manager is a dream of many. To manage the projects from scratch to completion is really a great role that helps you to develop as a person. However, it is not easy to get this job. Many applicants are aware of the benefits it offers. You will need to compose an exceptional operation manager resume to have a good chance of receiving some interview invitations.

However, it would be a misunderstanding to believe that outstanding resume is the one containing the following phrases:

  • result oriented manager
  • dedicated leader
  • proven track of records
  • etc.

HR employees are tired with these phrases. They do not search for insincere operations managers who just copy and paste some widely used phrases on their resume. Oppositely, if you try to put together a unique introduction, objective and description of your skills on resume, you will have a good chance of being chosen. they are looking for a leader, for someone who can address all leadership questions on his resume and in his speech in an interview. Needless to say, you can hardly change anything about your working experience on operations manager resume – it is as it is. Let’s have a look at the main parts of an ideal resume for operation manager.


What should be on your resume?

1. Personal details and a picture of yourself

People falsely believe that picture should not go on resume. However, we people are visual beings. If you choose a professionally looking picture of your smiley face, it will likely catch the eye of the employers and they will recognize your resume in the bunch of other applications. Statistics prove this fact – resumes with picture are granted interview invitation twice as often.


2. Resume objective

After you put some needed contact details on your resume, it will be just about the right time impress the recruiters. Recruiters typically read an objective first. So, it’s the first impression you make on them (together with your picture on resume). Let’s have a look on how to compose such an objective:


My goal is to work as an operations manager in a reputable company, where I can use all my management skills and abilities to help the company to prosper and do my best to satisfy all the stakeholders.


3. List of your experiences

The important thing is to not mention only the name of position and company where you worked, but also to list down some achievements. You should do so especially if these achievement are relevant for a position of operations manager. Let me show you a good example from a resume of one job seeker in the US:


From 2/1999 to 4/2007
Position: Operations Manager
Company: Good Company Ltd.
Principal duties: Leading a team of 15 employees, in order to deliver 40 tons of cargo to 12 countries all around Europe.
Achievements: Great level of customer satisfaction, signed in average 12 new contracts per year, managed to reduce operational costs by 20% using simple improvements of processes


We recommend you to use every possibility to show the employer that you are qualified for the job on your resume. Working experience section can also be used for this purpose, as you can see.


4. Education and course

Honestly, for this position employers are interested only in your University education. It makes no sense to mention something about your high school or something like that. However, if you took part in any project management, process management, communication, presentation or leadership trainings, you should mention it . It is another sign for the employer to give you a chance in an interview.


5. Personal characteristics

At the bottom part on your resume, you should mention some skills and abilities that are relevant for operations manager. Again, we avoid you to mention commonly used phrases. Try to be original, and speak rather in simple words. There are many skills relevant for good applicant for this position. Amongst them for example:

  • ability to lead the others
  • ability to work under pressure
  • strategic as well as operational planning skills
  • budgeting skills
  • ability to work independently and take decisions
  • responsibility
  • good overall knowledge of business and world trade
  • other skills


6. Other potential sections – not obligatory

If you have any personal references, you should definitely mention it on your resume. However, we do not recommend you to use the formulation “references upon request”. It is really stupid. Applicants that have references are not afraid of placing it on the resume…
If you apply for a position of operations manager in IT sector, it is a good idea to devote a special section on your resume to computer skills.

That’s it! If you need some more advice, feel free to browse the content of Resume Swan or have a look at the sample below:

Resume for operations manager