Hundreds of job seekers apply for each office managerial position

Office manager job openings have a tendency to attract hundreds, if not thousands, of job seekers. Typically people with similar profiles and practical experience apply for this job. That is the reason why you need to compose an exceptional resume coupled with a unique office manager cover letter, to have any chance of being invited for an interview.

But how to differentiate from the competition, if you have similar (or even very little) experience to mention on your resume?

Our special tips should help you to understand how to do it in a right way. But before we start to speak about various sections on your resume, you should understand what the employers are looking for. While reading resumes of office manager applicants, employers are looking for:

  • Applicants with decent computer skills
  • People who can work individually and are able to organize themselves and the others
  • People they feel good with in the office
  • Job seekers that should suit the working environment perfectly


If your resume indicates at least some of the previously mentioned characteristics, you will receive some job interview invites. Let’s have a look at various parts on the resume.


Composing an ideal office manager resume


Introduction and objective

You should start your resume with a short introduction of yourself combined with resume objective. You have just 8 seconds to catch the attention of the employer. That is the reason why these sections need to be related to the job and interesting. Let’s inspire yourself with the following examples:


Julio Raonic

  • Responsible and clever office manager
  • Man who is skilled with MS Office and able to work very fast with computer
  • Experienced office manager with a passion to learn and improve in routine tasks every day

My goal is to find the position of office manager, as I believe that I can be very beneficial for the employer on this position. It is also appropriate to the current state of my career, my skills and abilities.


As you can see from the above mentioned example, your introduction and objective need to be targeted to the position of office manager. Employer needs to get the feeling that you really want the position and do not send the same resume to hundreds of employers. Also it is a good idea to mention couple of skills relevant for the job.


List of practical experience

Most of the employers are interested mainly in this part on your resume. Your priority should be to mention all the relevant experience there, coupled with achievements achieved on these positions. You can inspire yourself with the following example.


From 2/2008 to 4/2011
Administrative Assistant
CDF Company
Working duties: Managing the office, working with the computer, organizing meetings, supporting the product manager (ideally you should mention here something from the job description of the position you are trying to get)
Key achievements: Constant growth of efficiency of the whole office


Your education

Education is not that important for a position of office manager. You should not devote a significant part on your resume to this exact thing. We advise you to simply mention your latest education and any trainings (accounting, pay-rolling, typewriting) that can be relevant for the job. You should put these relevant trainings in bold, so it catches the eye of the employer.


List of your personal skills and abilities

Before you start to fill in this section, please do the following:

  • Think for a while what skills are the most important on this position
  • Read the job description once again – employer often mentions the important skills there


All you have to do is to compare this with your personal skills and abilities, and put the relevant skills on your resume.


Personal references

If you have any references, we recommend you to include it. If your previous boss was satisfied with you, there is no reason why he would not provide a honest feedback of your work. At the end of the day, just very few employers check these references. But at the same time, the have a tendency to prioritize job seekers that include it on the resume.

So, these were the basic parts of a perfect office manager resume. You should know now how to compose it. If you are not sure though, you can have a look at other articles on or check the following sample.


Resume of an office manager sample