Who would not want to manage an office?

Hundreds of job seekers apply for a position of office manager. If you are one of them, you will have to prepare a perfect resume and cover letter, in order to have any shot on the job.

In fact, it is an unfortunate decision to label a job as an “office manager position”. There can be so many interpretations of it. For some people it may indicate the position of a secretary. For the others, it may seem to be a position of administrative assistant. While the third group of people will imagine a position of someone who is responsible for managing the office and potentially couple of people working there.


Find out what your job is about

Before you start to work on your job application, it is important to find out what this job is about. The job description should help you to identify if they are looking for a manager, assistant or just for a secretary – office manager label can be used for all of them.
As SecretaryInterviewQuestions.com describes, the preparation for the interview differs strongly, if we speak about these three alternatives.

You should be able to understand this based on the list of duties and responsibilities. However if it is not clear, you should call the managers in the company and try to find out the truth. Why it is so important? Well, the ideal cover letter differs for every position.

If you identify that it goes more about an administrative position, our sample cover letter for administrative assistant should help you. In this article, we focus on pure office manager position, who’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Running the office, including planning and controlling
  • Preparing important documentation
  • Organizing meetings for the boss
  • Managing a small group of subordinates
  • Reporting to the superior
  • Having responsibility for the results of the office


As you can see from the list of working duties, the true office manager is more a managing than an administrative position. That is the reason why you need to focus in your cover letter on the abilities that characterize a good manager. To these abilities belong:

  1. Good manager is able to give orders, but also to accept recommendations and feedback from his subordinates.
  2. Good manager is an example for his subordinates, is not afraid to work and do not just hang around in the office.
  3. Good manage know when it is time to fire someone and do not let his emotions or personal preferences to influence his decisions.
  4. Good manager is able to identify the good in the others.


These are some of the abilities that you can present on a letter sent to an employer. Anyway, to make it easier for you, we prepared a sample cover letter that should inspire you.


Sample office manager cover letter


Dear Mr. Seals,

I am sending you this cover letter in order to submit my application for a position of office manager in your company, advertised on 12nd April on the pages of ResumeSwan.com
I studied the job description very carefully, as well as spent several hours on the website of your company, in order to understand your goals, vision and working culture.

Based on my research, I believe that I am a perfect applicant for a position of office manager in your company. I posses strong skills in organizing and managing the small group of people. I have an experience with short term planning as well as with organizing meetings and leading the meetings.

On the top of that, I can work with all the common computer programs and are not afraid to work on basic tasks, such as preparing office documentation or analyzing and reporting. Please, see on the attached resume the full list of my skills, achievements and personal references.

I always wanted to work in an international company that sets the targets high and I prefer to work in open offices. That is another reason why I decided to apply for a job in your company as I believe to suit the working environment perfectly.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to meet you personally in the interview.

Best Regards
Stephan Gates,

Stephan’s covering letter should be an inspiration for you. Stephan understands very well what the employers want to read and he mentioned it on his cover letter:

  • He lists several skills that are relevant for the job.
  • He compliments the company and lists exact reasons why he should suit the local working environment.
  • His cover letter is specific and employers can clearly see that it is not a cover letter sent to 100s of companies – it’s unique, designed for this application only.
  • Stephan presents himself as a good manager overall


You should find an inspiration in this cover letter and be able to prepare your own document. We wish you good luck in your efforts.

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