What should a student include on a nursing resume?

It is not easy to get a job as a nurse. That is the reason why so many future nurses prefer to send their job applications while being still at the college. The problem they have is how to compose such a resume. What to write there, if I do not have any relevant working experience? What include in my resume objective? And how to differentiate from all the other applicants?

Well, it is really not a simple task to prepare a good resume, which will sell your skills to the employer or to the medical internship program tutors. We will but try to give you some special tips you can use anytime putting together this resume, and provide you also with a good sample.


Tips to follow when composing your first resume

Choose a right resume format, the one that will reflect mostly your objective, skills, and abilities.

It makes no sense to choose a lengthy resume format focused on the experience. Well, you do not have any as a nursing student. For your resume, you should choose definitely a one page long format, that emphasize your character, personality, and your objective.


Make from your disadvantages your advantages.

Who said that it makes no sense to employ fresh nursing graduates? Compared to more experienced nurses, you as a nursing student are willing to learn, able to adapt to a new environment and also bring some enthusiasm and energy to the workplace. Your resume would be written in positive matters, emphasizing what you are good at and what you can do for potential employers. Think about it.


Try to differentiate from the competition somehow.

I know it is tough to make your nursing student resume special. But at least you can try it. Such simple things like including your photo on your resume, or signing it with your hand can make a difference. You never know… Just try to make something that will be at least little special and may so have a good chance to catch the eye of people reading your job application. It is even easier with a correctly chosen objective for nursing resume.

We hope, you can manage it! Now let’s have a loot at some samples of sections on your resume.


Nursing student resume samples

Resume objective: I am looking for a job where my passion to help the others and take care about the ill is welcome. I am ready to work hard and build my nursing career in a great medical institution, exactly like your one.

Skills and abilities important for a good nurse, that you can mention in the part of the resume devoted to it: responsibility, patience, communication skills, emotional intelligence, love to your job.

We hope that this article helps you to realize how to write a good curriculum vitae. You can check also some resume layouts suitable for students or fresh graduates, or just have a look at other sections of the website. We wish you good luck!