Differentiate yourself from other nurses with a resume objective

Aiming for a career of a nurse, you should be able to compose a suitable objective for your career. Not only this is one of the first part of resume your potential employer look at.

It is also a part of resume where you can differentiate yourself strongly from the competition, and it doesn’t matter if you have just finished your school or have twenty years of experience. Without a doubt, your objective is the most important part on your nursing resume.


Define clearly several things about you with the objective

  1. That you want to become a good nurse, in a hospital or clinic of the same type as the one where you send the job application
  2. Your skills and abilities needed for a good nurse that your employer may like
  3. Why should an employer choose you as a nurse for his institution. Give him an advice so he does not have to think about it by himself.
  4. Something unique about you, if possible.

Now we will look at someĀ  samples of such an objective and try to describe the positives and negatives of each. There are two samples, a good one and a bad one.


Good sample of nursing resume objective


I always loved to help other people, especially those suffering one. That is why I have chosen my career of a nurse. I am looking for a position in a high quality and demanding working environment, and I found your clinic as such a place. I am keen to use my strong responsibility, patience, communication skills and an ability to make other people feel good and happy to help you to maintain and even improve the already great reputation of your institution.


The above presented sample is a very good one. As you can see, applicant not only present her strengths, which are for sure relevant for the job. She also gives some honest compliment for the employer and also shows what she is intending to do for him. Such an objective on a nursing resume can easily win her not only the invitation for an interview, but also a good position in it. Use it for your inspiration.


Sample of bad objective for nursing resume


I am looking for a senior nursing job that reflects my broad experience in the field and great education I have. I am looking for an environment where I can grow both like a person and like a nurse and do my job well. I am looking for a nursing job with starting salary $2,500, not less.


I hope that you can see the difference of this objective, when we compare it to the first one. Not only that this nurse speaks only about herself, her dreams and wishes (and not about the employer at all), she is also a bit over confident, does not mention any specific skills why she is a good nurse and does not present anything unique about her. Use this sample as an inspiration for you also, to see how it should not be done.

We hope that this article will help you to compose a nice nursing resume objective to present yourself in the right way. If you want to check some other useful information, have a look at general resume objective article, or browse other content of the website, such as nursing student resume tips. Then, if you proceed further and get an invitation for a job interview, you should definitely check http://nursing-interview-questions.com, where you will find answers to all tough interview questions. We wish you good luck!