I want to be a nurse!

Qualified nurses are in high demand. This does not mean, however, that you can just walk in to a doctor’s office, hospital or other medical facility in a fresh pair of nursing scrubs and say, “I’m here for the job!”

Depending on the position and location, you may be up against a slew of other applicants, so you not only need to get your foot in the door but you also need to make an outstanding impression, as well. This means that your resume must catch and hold the hiring manager’s attention. Using good examples can help you create the best resume possible.

Start with an excellent objective on resume

Aside from your contact information, which is typically in large or bold font at the top of the page, your objective should be the first thing on your nursing resume. Examples of objectives that will grab the attention of a potential employer include:

To obtain a position with increasing responsibility in a substance abuse treatment facility where my clinical background and communication skills can be utilized to the utmost level.


An LPN position that will make use of my varied experience, both applied and at the supervisory level.


The best way to develop your objective is to use the job postings themselves as your examples. For instance, if the advertisement states that they specifically need someone for the night shift, address your willingness for a night position in your objective.


Highlight your strengths and achievements

Next, list your work experience. There are a couple of ways to include your work history on your resume. Examples include listing past jobs in chronological order, which is the best method to use if you have a steady work history; functional, highlighting your strongest skills and best achievements, which is best if you have some gaps between jobs or want to make a career change; and targeted, pinpointing experience pertinent to the specific job for which you are applying.


If you do not have extensive medical experience, do not be afraid to incorporate jobs for which you did not wear medical scrubs. Other employment experience, skills and knowledge can prove valuable and may even give you an edge over other applicants. For instance, someone with several years’ of management under your belt along with sufficient experience as an RN, you might be the perfect person for a nursing director position. A history that includes software implementation and a nursing degree could make you the ideal candidate for a medical management software post.


Do not forget on your GPA and education

Add your education near the bottom of the page, and be sure to include special honors on the resume. Examples include a high GPA, inclusion on the Dean’s List or other exceptional distinctions.
Looking for more ways to make sure employers see your application? Examples that might make you more noteworthy include above average accomplishments, affiliations and memberships that relate to your field or unique skills at which you are proficient.

Using the correct nursing resume examples, you have a good chance of making a good first impression and be chosen for the job. Please, do not forget to have a look at nursing resume objective also, or inspire yourself with other content on ResumeSwan.com