Objective matters on a resume for marketing positions

When applying for a position in marketing, you should always try to present your creativity. You should do so not only in the interview, but also while preparing your job application. The career objective is one of the places where this can be done.

Being one of the first parts of job application employers look at, your objective is an ideal place to present your self as a creative and talented person, looking forward to bring some added value to the employer. Show them that you are special. Show them, that they simply can not afford to not invite someone like you for the interview. And how to write such an objective?

  • Write there something no one else will write
  • Give some compliments to the employer, from a marketing point of view (described better in the sample)
  • Market your self as good as you would market the product

Does it seem too difficult for you? There is no need to regret. In the following sample, you can see how this can be done quite easily.


Sample of the well written objective for marketing resume

Being extremely creative, self driven and marketing obsessed person, I am looking for a position in a company where I can use these skills. My objective is to make an impact on the marketing industry and on the profit loss statement of my employer in a positive way, while doing what I like the best – creating marketing campaigns. Would you give me a chance?

What do you think about this marketing resume objective? I am sure it is not a typical objective you see every other day. Well, maybe it is a little provocative, I agree. And maybe it even is a little shocking. I agree again. But remember, you are applying for a job in industry where the number of submitted job applications exceeds the number of available spots in a ratio of ten to one.


Your objective has to be…

So to have any chance to succeed and get a job in marketing, your objective on resume not only should, but have to be:

  • Provocative, so it makes the employer to think and not just skip your resume and move to the next one
  • Written with confidence, so the employer sees you have the guts and are ready to show it in the face to face interview
  • Creative, so it is not the same like hundred other objectives. If you are not able to create even such a simple original thing like a resume objective, how it comes you want to work in marketing area? Think about it…

It is not easy to compose such a good marketing resume objective. But if you devote some time to it, the reward will be sweet.

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