Do you love marketing? And does marketing love you?

Jobs in marketing belong to the group of most popular jobs. However, to get such a job you will need to write a perfect cover letter. Are you able to do so???

Marketing was always associated with words like creativity, imagination, understanding of customer. This situation has not changed recently. And it makes the process of applying for a job complicated… One needs to demonstrate a creativity, imagination and understanding for a customer on a single page of paper, just with words. It is not an easy task.


Sample can help you, but it’s not the only one

To help you understand the principles, we prepared for you a sample of good marketing cover letter. But before you look at it, I have to warn you: You may not like it. It may seem atypical to you, or even odd. You may find it unprofessional.

And you may be right in your concerns. However, do not forget that we speak here about jobs in marketing. There are hundreds of applicants for every single job opening in this industry. To have a traditional, typical cover letter is good. But when we speak about positions in marketing, good is not enough. So even if you do not like our example, you will have to create something creative on your own to have any chance.


Sample cover letter for applicants in marketing


Dear Mr. Exact name of the recruiter,
My eyes started to shine when I found your job opening for the position of marketing manager. I knew immediately that this is the right job for me and that I am the right person for this job. We can make a perfect pair together.

As you can see in my enclosed resume, I was always a creative person. My work did inspire the audience and let everyone thinking. I always try to do things in a specific way. Not the ay I want, but the way the consumer wants it.

This approach combined with my strong interest in consumer decision making process, responsibility and passion for marketing makes from me a good candidate for your job opening. At least I think so.
I will be glad to present myself and my working portfolio at the interview. If you want it to happen, feel free to contact me anytime.

Josh Dunham
Your contact details


This was a creative form of writing a letter to your potential employer. It was a bit aggressive maybe and also it was very honest. It reflected the personality of Josh perfectly.

He played with cards heads up and you should do the same. Do not just copy some general cover letter for employment. You should be creative on your job application. You have to compose a creative covering letter. It is your only chance to succeed, taking into account the level of competition in this field… We hope you’ll manage to do so!