Time to enjoy yourself on a beach as a lifeguard

Lifeguard is a nice job. You spend most of the time enjoying yourself on a beach or near the pool, watching the beautiful girls around you… Or is it differently?

This job is without a doubt also a huge responsibility and thought you do not need to stand up often, your performance has to be flawless once it is needed. The name lifeguard has a reason – literally you are guarding the lives of other people. And the motivation and determination to that that should be reflected on your resume.


A good physical appearance will not win you this job

Some people believe that all the lifeguard needs to do is to submit a resume with a good looking photo in a swimsuit. Obviously this isn’t truth.

The owners of pools and beaches know very well how important the lifeguard is. If someone drown in the water in the swimming pool, it will influence the trust of the other customers in a negative way – what nearly always results in the decrease of income. That’s why you need to approach the creation parts on your job applicationĀ  very carefully.

Your intention should be to show the employer that you are a responsible person that is always 100% concentrated on his job.


Sections on a resume of a lifeguard

Short introduction and photo

Resumes with photo on them attract the attention of potential employers much more, especially for position like a lifeguard. That’s why we suggest you to include a nice, smiley photo on your resume. It does not have to be in a swimsuit, but we also do not recommend to put there a photo in a business suit. It should simply be a photo in a t-shirt or ideally – photo from your previous job of a lifeguard, if you have any.
Such a photo will catch the eye of the employer in the first moment, as he can see that this applicant has relevant experience for the job.

Then in the short introduction (3-4 sentences on the top of your resume), we suggest you to mention also something from your personality characteristics and briefly any lifeguard certifications you have. By the way, you should really get this certification. It will be very hard to get a good job without it. To conclude it, the introduction can for example look like the following one:


– Great swimmer and diver
– Responsible person with good observation skills
– Certified lifeguard


As you can see, it goes simply about few short statements that shoudl convince the employer about your suitability for the job. Combined with the right photo, it will bring you very close to the job agreement.


Resume objective

Typically on a good resume, introduction should be followed with an objective. Honestly I do not believe it’s a must on this form of resume, but you can use a simple and to the point resume objective if you decide so. The following example should be a good inspiration for you.


My goal is to be a good lifeguard and has minimal if any injured or drowned people in the course of the season.


Practical experience

In this case, any experience other than life guarding or any job where high concentration or observation skills were demanded is irrelevant. It makes no sense to write about your office manager job or anything like that. So in this section, you should mention only the life guarding experience or any other relevant one.


Employer is not interested in your formal education. That’s why it makes no sense to write a lot about it. You should simply mention the highest grade you have achieved and that’s it. However, we recommend you to mention the lifeguard certification and the details about it.



Lifeguard resume is not a typical one. On this resume, right hobbies can play an important role in getting a job. You should definitely mention all the sports in this section, especially the water sports. It presents you as someone who has the experience and good physical condition that is also important for a lifeguard.


Personal characteristics

Many people forget on this part of a resume, although it’s one of the most important parts. You should definitely present yourself as a responsible person with an ability to work individually and without supervision. Let me show you a good example of personal characteristics of you for this job.


I am very responsible and consider the safety of the swimmers as well as other visitors as my personal responsibility. I have good observation skills and am able to take decisions quickly. I am not afraid of taking action and do not need a supervision.


These were the major parts of a good resume for lifeguard. We hope that the practical examples will help you to compose your own perfect resume. If you need more inspiration, please see the sample below. Thank you.

Resume for a lifeguard