Can you get a job as a student of law?

Law students generally start to look for their job while still studying. Why? Think about it. The competition is super tough on the market, there are thousands of law graduates every year and the number of open spots is just limited.

What more, most of the students have pretty similar profiles. It is a problem for the law firms to decide who to choose really. But likewise, is a problem for these young people to compose a decent job application which will provide them at least some advantage over the competition. If you also struggle in your efforts to put together a decent student law resume, then this article is designed exactly for you.

Some special tips how to compose a great resume combined with your creativity should help you to solve your problem forever. No one can study forever. It is time to stand out from theĀ  crowd, now! It is time to impress people in the law firms, and get a job where you can start your successful law career.


Special law student resume tips

1. Try do differentiate from the competition. Your resume should not look like the resumes of thousands of other students who apply for the job. Try to be different. A smiley photo can please some of the law firms, while a personal reference from one of your teachers (mentioning that you are an exceptional student, or that you are a person it is a pleasure to spend time with) can move the scales the right direction. Try to be creative. You can for sure do someone to be different.

2. Be very concrete in your resume. When law firms are hiring people, there are looking for folks who want to stay long with him. Mention that you plan to build a career in a company where you’ll get a job. Mention that that your name and loyalty are the synonyms. And, be concrete in what you want to do. What law you want to specialize on. The typical student law resume, the one people write or download usually is too general. Be concrete, there is no chance to make any impression with the general resume.

3. Show some added value you can bring to the company. The added value can have various faces and shapes. Maybe you have lots of friends in a corporate sphere and can so bring new clients to the law firm where you are sending your applicati0on to. Think about it… Or maybe you are a very energize person, and the added value you can bring is this sparkle in the eye you can transfer to all your co workers. In fact every one of us is able to add some value to the company. Just you need to identify it, and let the employer know about it in your resume.

Uniqueness, personal reference, clear visualization of your future and the added value. That are the crucial things to keep in mind when composing your resume. We hope you will manage to do so and get a good legal job.