Career in an investment bank is a tough one

Investment banking is a very competitive field. It is definitely not easy to get a job there, especially if you do not have any exceptional experience in the field. However, your chance is to write a unique and creative cover letter that catches the eye of the employer and later try to ace a job interview.

In order to do so, you can not just download a general cover letter from the internet and submit your job application together with it… You need to be creative, think for a while about your positives and negatives and prepare a really good piece of art. The right question you should ask yourself is the following one: What does an employes expect from the ideal candidate for the position I am applying for?

In investment banking, employer typically looks for the following abilities and skills:

  • Perfect knowledge of investment terminology
  • Bright mind, high intelligence and ability to take right decision quickly
  • Ideally practical experience with issuance of securities, mergers and acquisitions etc.


However, even if you do not have the practical experience, you can still impress the employer with your theoretic knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation to learn. We prepared for you two samples of  cover letter suitable for investment bank, one from a newcomer to the field and one from an experienced manager. It should help you to understand what goes into a cover letter and how to compose your own cover letter that reflects your skills, knowledge and desire.


Samples of the letters


February 13, 2010

Andy Tailor,
HR Manager, Investment Banking
Nicebank Inc.
111/1 Wall Street
New York, NY 10032

Dear Mr. Tailor,
I decided to apply for the position of private banker in your institution, as I believe to be the right candidate for this position.

Although I do not have huge experience in the field, my achievements proved my ability to think quickly, understand the needs of the clients and close the deals.
As you can see on my attached resume, I studied investment banking on the ABC University, where I gained all the needed theoretic knowledge for the job. I was always passionate about investments and personally invested successfully on the stock market since I was 21 years old.
I believe to have a mindset of a business person and because of it, my communication with B2B clients is very straightforward and the clients feel good with me.

I know that some applicants for this job may be more experienced then me. However, I am extremely motivated to do this job, ready to learn and belive that I have a great potential in me that your bank can utilize also in the future.
If you believe that it is worth to invite me for an interview, I will be glad to come anytime.

Thank you in advance for your consideration

John Adams, MBA


This was a cover letter for a starter in the area of investment banking. As you can see, the candidate was honest to the employer. He was not afraid to admit his weakness when compared to other applicants, but showed as well his strengths to the employer. He presented a clear picture and give the employer at least couple of good reasons why to invite him for a job interview.
Let’s have a look at a the one from a more experienced applicant.


January 17, 2011

Aliman Diaru, MBA
Finance Director, Investment Banking
Goodbank Inc.
222/2 Wall Street
New York, NY 10031

Dear Mr. Diaru,
With a proven track of achievements when it comes to IPO, mergers and acquisitions of Fortune 500 companies as well as with countless positive references from top managers that have been clients, and my personal accounts, of TCP Bank, I believe to be the ideal candidate for a senior investment banking position in your company.
I called my contacts in the industry to understand better the philosophy, goals as well as projects of your bank. After a deep research and comparison with my experiences in the field, I believe that I can contribute to your success and also bring new ideas on the board.

Please, find on my attached resume the list of my achievements as well as the list of my personal references.

I hope that you consider my application and give me a chance to prove you in the interview that I can be an asset for your organization .

Yours Sincerely
Mathen Strowning, MBA


As you can see, more experienced candidates in the field of investment banking decided to use another technique. He bet his chances on proven track of achievements, personal references and simply on his career successes. It is easy to do so when you have this experience, isn’t it? :). It’s the same with interview questions, as reveals. For the one with experience, it is not difficult to get the job.

Anyway, even if you are not experienced in the field, you can inspire yourself with the other covering letter, or use for your inspiration entry level cover letter or financial analyst cover letter. wishes you good luck in your job search.