Time to be creative with your job application

When applying for a job, you often have to cope with a fierce competition. Some big corporations revealed the information that they receive more then one million job applications every year! What does it means for you? It means that you need to be creative in your application to have any chance of being chosen.

General resume template or cover letter downloaded from the internet will not help you… Oppositely, if you manage to put together unique piece, it will help you to stand out from the crowd and get an invitation for an interview. In order to help you out with this task, we collected several good samples.


To copy and paste is not a good idea in this case

However, you should not just copy these cover letters into your job application! You want to write a creative one, don’t you remember? Creative, that means one of a kind. Unique, that is not a cover letter anyone can copy from this website and put on his own job application. Therefore, you should use the samples just for your inspiration. It should help you to understand the word “creative” better and compose your own cover letter.

At the end of the day, you want to be creative in your cover letter, but not go to extremes. The margin between these two is often thin and you can not overlook it. Your cover letter, doesn’t matter how creative it is, should still fulfill its main purposes, that are:

  • Qualify yourself, who you are and for what position you are applying
  • Mention the key strengths and abilities relevant for the job
  • Sell yourself to the employer and ask him to invite you for the interview


Creative Cover Letter Samples


Dear Mr. Jones,
Probably you have not heard of me yet, but I am the one who fulfill all the requirements from the job description for the position of sales manager you have advertised on ResumeSwan.com.
I am:

  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Creative
  • Able to sell anything to anyone
  • Motivated by money
  • Ready to start anytime
  • Not afraid to call to or speak with anyone

If you like to see how I sell myself and your products, I will be more then happy to come for an interview. Please, let me know. As every good salesman, I am available for you 24/7

Your future sales manager
Mathew Kingston


Dear Hiring Manager,
I called to your company twice, browsed the website for two hours and researched the social media accounts, just to find your name. So much it matters for me, because I really believe that I am the best applicant for corporate recruiter position you advertised on the website of your company.
However, as you can see, I did not find it. Anyway, it does not change anything on the fact that I am very good in identifying strengths, weaknesses and potential of individuals, am ready to compose a list of interview questions for any job interview as well as match resume with the job description.

Please, find attached the brief description of five latest recruiting projects I worked on. You should be able to understand my methods of work and see that it matches the methods used in your company.

Dear Hiring Manager, I would really like to meet you in person, get know your name and show you what I can do for your company. I think that we can make good team together.

Irina Folkens



These were two examples of such a letter I hope that you understand what makes it creative when compared to the other letters…

While the first applicant showed extreme self confidence and honesty in his cover letter in a creative way (both abilities are important for an exceptional salesman), Irina attached the description of the projects she worked on, what is a creative way how to show the employers directly what you can do.
Inspire yourself with the letters, impress the employers and get a job you want to have. We wish you good luck!