Good resume attracts plenty of interview invitations

What to include on my resume to ensure that I will get many invitations for job interviews? That’s the question many people ask themselves…

If you belong to this group, please keep in mind the following thought: The aim of a resume is to get you an invitation for an interview. Nothing more, nothing less, should be your goal when making a resume. Some people for example try to have a resume as elegant as possible, as comprehensive as possible, or even as detailed as possible.

However, they often forget what the main intention is (or should be)– to get as many interview invitations as possible. Correct me if I am wrong…


This guy did not know how to make a resumeYour resume has to make the impression quickly

In 2008, a research made in the US proved that an average recruiter decides in first eight seconds of reading a resume whether he invites you to an interview, or not.

This decision about your invitation is made subconsciously. He might read the rest of your resume after those mentioned 8 seconds, but the decision was already made in his head.


Rules coming out of the observation

1. First of all, always include a photo on your resume. People are visual being. The text makes very little impression on us, when compared to the power the pictures have. Therefore, one of the main things to keep in mind when composing your resume is to always include your photo on it. This photo should be ideally a professional one, smiley one (the smile is very important, as smile creates smile) and also it should be a good quality picture.

Please, if you think that you are not the most beautiful person in this world, it’s not a reason to not include your photo in your CV… There are countless professional photographers out there that are able to take a very beautiful professional photo of anyone in this world. Just tell them that you want it for your resume, and they will take care of the rest.


2.Strong introduction part of your resume. Most people do one big mistake when deciding about the layout of their resume. The first thing they include in the beginning of it, are their contact details… However, is this really important for the recruiter, when deciding if to invite you for an interview or not???

Of course it is not important…

To start your CV well, you should make a short introduction of yourself in the beginning of it… What should such an introduction include? Let’s have a look at one example, from a resume of very successful job seeker, James Darwin exactly from his resume:

Who’s James Darwin

  • Dedicated manager who always considers his employer’s goals and needs as his first priority.
  • Consultant who has been successfully involved in different businesses with companies based in more than 20 different countries, spread all over the world, during last 11 years.
  • Business person connected to more than 300 000 business people through social networks world-widely.
  • Personal motto: Doesn’t matter if it goes about work, business, love or sport. I always do all of them on 100 percent.


You can learn a lot from this introduction. Such an introduction makes a good and quick impression on the reader of his resume. James certainly knows what he is doing…


Hand shake of two people in the interview- after sending a good resumeFinish it in style.

3. Once the right introduction has been made, the reader has already made the decision about inviting you to the interview. He may go through your experience and other things written there, but if you apply for a relevant position (that is n accordance with your education and experience), you will get the invitation.

However, it is important to finish your resume well – just to keep the expectations and the standard high enough.

How to do it? Declare at the end of it (or on your cover letter) how much you are enthusiastic about the job. You can even mention the exact name of the position on the pages of your resume.

I know, you will have to make little amendments to your resume every time to do so, but believe me, it’s worth it. Your resume will be very special, and have a very special ending for a reader.

Another good thing for the end of your resume are personal references. Well. it may sound like a cliche, but believe me – even today, just in one of every ten CVs, you will find 3 or more references that include contact details on it (both phone number and email ideally).

That’s the way how to make a resume perfectly, that’s the way how to achieve your intention – to get as many interview invitations, as possible…




  • Make a quick first impression – with the nice, smiley professional photo – catchy for the eye of every recruiter. 
  • Than quickly back up it with a unique introduction of yourself that represents you as a motivated and determined worker.
  • And at the end, underline this fantastic impression with few personal references and with showing strong desire to work on that particular position you are just applying for.


That’s the best guide how to make it well…  Good luck and let’s start the work!