References matter more than ever nowadays

You already know that personal references are crucial for success on the job market. However, how to mention it on your resume?

First of all, it is important to list the references in a correct order

  • List the most relevant reference first. Employers typically call just one person from the list of your references. Typically it is the first person. You should ensure that this person will give you the best possible references. Call him or her and ensure about it in advance.
  • If you list teachers or friends on the resume, list them on the last place, after all the professional references.


What form to use?

You can use different formats. However, you should always include the following information:

  • Full name of the person
  • Name of the company where he or she is currently working (do not forget to update this information time to time)
  • Position in the company
  • Relation to you if it is not clear from the previous data
  • Contact details, preferably phone number (you should always include contact details, reference is worthless without it)


Good example how to list references on a resume


Mr. Jordan Nelson
Managing Director
Big Company Ltd.
123/1243 Kingston Street
Los Angeles

Mrs. Eva Kvetko
Human Resources Manager
Nelson inc.
7766/777 Ohio Street
Los Angeles
My direct superior in Big Company, currently works for Nelson


Formulation: References upon request

We do not recommend to use this formulation. If it is possible, you should always list your references on a resume. Employer will not call you to ask about references upon request. This happens maybe in one of thousand cases. Job applicants who are not ashamed of their previous working results will list references on resume. Period. You should either list them or do not use any formulations like “references upon request”.

Personal references are one of the crucial parts of your job application. Good reference can secure you plenty of interview invitations. Do not underestimate this fact. Get good references, learn how to mention it in a right way and impress the employers!