Getting job in an office as an assistant

People work in the officeIt is not easy to get a job of an office assistant. Many people try to get this job – that’s the main problem… However, if you learn how to write a perfect covering letter, you will have a good chance to be the lucky one. Just think about it for a while… There are no special skills needed for a job of am office assistant, are there? In case that you have less experience than other candidates, your cover letter is a sole place where you can make any difference and show the employer why to choose you.

Good letter should ensure the employer about your qualities. It should clearly define why you are the best person for the job. We prepared for you a sample of such cover letter.

Sample cover letter for office and administration postions


Dear Mr. Kofker,
I decided to apply for the job of office assistant, advertised on on the 14th December.
I read the job description very carefully and spend two hours on the website of your company.
After that I realized that I am a perfect person for this job and like the culture of your company. As you can see in the enclosed resume, I fulfill all the requirements for the job.
Feel free to call my previous employers regarding references of my work.

Speaking about my skills and abilities, I am very effective when it comes to computer work. I can type very fast and have real practical experience with all the typical software programs. I like to talk on the phone and have no problem with making any phone calls.
I am very responsible and like the office work.

If you decide to give me a chance to prove my abilities, I will be happy to come for an interview anytime.

Marion Ukulinte


Before copying our cover letter or composing yours own, you should notice few things in the presented sample office assistant cover letter:

  • Marion showed her strong interest for the job by mentioning that she spent two hours browsing the website of the company. This will for sure catch an eye of the employer, especially in times when most of the applicants simply click on the submit button on the ad.
  • Marion emphasized her personal references and included contact details to those on her resume. When it comes to office jobs, just one of ten applicants include his or her personal references. Marion vs other applicants: 2:0.
  • Marion used her unique selling point on her letter. In the era of computers, fast typing and effective work with PC carries a significant value for any employer.


It is really not so difficult to compose a good cover letter and be invited for an interview. You just need to think about your strengths for a while and understand the expectations of the employer. Our sample cover letter should help you to do that. Are you ready now?