There are no silly questions in when it comes to cover letter writing

It may sound like a silly question, if someone asks you about a best way to start a covering letter.… However, it is not silly at all. The beginning of your cover letter is actually the most important part of it. If the first two sentences of it catch the eye of the HR manager, he or she will likely read the rest of your cover letter with much better concentration.

And oppositely, if your first two sentences are not interesting, HR employee can easily skip your job application completely. Just think about it… For certain job openings, companies receive more than 1000 job applications. Do you really think that the HR workers examine deeply all the resumes and cover letters? Of course they do not do so… They read first two or three sentences on the cover letter and make a decision They decide if they further investigate your application of move to the next one. This is the reason why it is crucial to know start your letter well and to know what goes into it.

First sentences of your cover letter should awake the interest of the reader. However, there is a difference between first and second sentence. Let’s have a look at it now.


First sentence of a cover letter

In the beginning of cover letter, it is important to qualify yourself as an applicant for the job. Feel free to use one of the following formulations.


I am applying for a job of sales representative, advertised on your company website on 17th July…


I decided to apply for a position of JAVA developer, advertised on Monster, on 23rd April 2011…


I was very happy to discover that you are looking for a new product manager, according to your ad on…


This act of qualifying yourself is important, if employers hire for more positions at the same time. Not all the companies use modern software for the recruiting. So, you should always qualify yourself to ensure that your cover letter will be read by the correct person. However, the exact formulation of this sentence is not very important. You should not waste too much time thinking about it. Simply take one of the formulations we mentioned and put it on your cover letter.


Second sentence of a cover letter- the most important one

After qualifying yourself, it is time to catch the eye of the employer and make him interested in you. The second sentence on your cover letter is believed to be the most important part of whole job application, including resume and list of personal references. So, you should really pay attention to this section and do not underestimate the importance it caries. To be more specific, you should focus on your unique selling point.

You should focus on the advantage you have, when they compare you to the rest of applicants. You need to emphasize one or two key abilities, because of that they simply can’t afford to overlook your job application. It is not an easy task, that is true. Not many job seekers know how to begin a cover letter that well… But if you do it right, you will be rewarded with plenty of interview invitations. Let’s have a look at good examples of such second sentences on cover letters.


With my endless creativity and rare ability to understand the needs of the customers, I believe that I am a perfect person for this job of marketing manager.


I have already prepared a plan how to manage the product, which the new product manager should manage, and it is exciting.


I was born to be a salesman. It doesn’t matter if we speak about selling products,ideas or myself. I excel in all of them!


The presented sentences are just examples. You should not copy it into your cover letter. Remember, it is about your own unique selling point. That’s why you need to do the following to begin your cover letter in a right way:

  • Find out your unique selling point
  • Formulate the sentence the correct way to catch the eye of the employer


I know it is not easy. Well, if it was easy, then there would be no differences between the cover letters. But there are huge differences. Just about 10% of people start their cover letter in style. Would you belong to these 10%, who receive the vast majority of job interview invitations? It’s up to you to decide…

We told you what to do, but you have to do it on your own…. If you are not sure how to do it, article what goes into a cover letter can help you to find the answer.