It is difficult to get a job as a high school student

Studying at high school, many people try to find at least a part time job to make some extra cash. But the problem is what should such such a young student write on his resume? There is no experience, no education, nothing. Just think about it…. It is really a hard task to compose a good resume in this case.

However, there is always a way. Just you need to learn to be able to focus on the right things on the resume. When preparing it, you should always ask your self few questions:

  • What will an employer gain if he hires me?
  • What benefits can I offer?
  • What abilities I have that are good for the prosperity of his business?


Simply focus on the following

  • It must catch the eye of employer with something on it. Doesn’t matter if it is your photo, or personal reference from a respectable person in the city. But you must catch his attention immediately, otherwise he will throw your application to rubbish bin immediately.
  • It must help him to understand the benefits you can bring like a student. Maybe he will not have to pay social securities for you. Think about it, it means a lot for the employers. Or you can work for a slightly lower salary, what also counts strongly in current economy. Just the thing is that not all the employers are clever enough. You need to tell them about it, otherwise they would not realize it.


Sections that are a must for a good resume of a student

1. The introduction. In this part you shoudl catch the eye of the employer. It should be located in the top part of your resume. Mention there who you are, what you can do and what your top strengths are. Do not forget to paste your photo there also, it can help you a lot. (Of course choose the appropriate photo for the position you are applying for.)

2. The description of your skills and abilities. Write as much as you can. Are you responsible, patient, creative, intelligent? Everything counts on a high school student resume. There will be not too much to write in the education and experience section, that is why it is crucial to focus on your abilities, talents and skills.

3. Education and experience. If you have any, mention it there. But please do not waste the space of your resume with primary or secondary school notice. Employers are not interested in such levels of education. In the working experience, you can mention everything relevant for the job. If you have worked on the construction of your grandfather house time to time, it would for sure be positive for someone looking for construction job. Use the advantage of it when you can.

4. Personal references. This is the most important part, not only on the student resume. In fact, just every tenth job applicant has some references with contact details on his resume. Having a reference there, and it doesn’t matter if it is only your school teacher, means that you are not afraid to let the others speak about your work. And that is always a good sign for the employer. Anyway, people who include personal references on resume get hired twice as much as those who do not include it. Think about it…

With all the information, you should be able to compose a decent resume for your first job application. And if not, you can check the resume format section or browse other articles on the website to get more information. We wish you all the best in your efforts.